UPDATED - July 26th, 2015

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Reported 1-June-2015
1-Jun-2015, Vancouver, BC: (9:40 am)

On June 1st there was a daylight sighting @9:40 a.m. that looked like a large sausage in the direction of North/Northeast. From the ground it was about 4-5 inches in length, and had little movement like a caterpillar. It was absolutely still with the exception of a bit of undulation. There was no clouds in the sky, and a mild breeze, so it was not a balloon. About 10 seconds later a smaller round craft that was more or less in a gray haze joined up with the sausage Ufo. The sighting lasted about 15-20 seconds, then they both disappeared in a rate of speed unknown, heading towards NE, maybe Allouette Lake area.

The sausage type UFO was stationary, looking blacker than black, and there was no telling how high it was with nothing to compare it with. I reckon it was, from the ground, up about 2000 feet but like I said  they were, in a completely blue sky, above trees and wire lines. The smaller craft came in from the South East to join the bigger craft. No fusilage, no sound, no lights, just black crafts. I live in SE Van, and see craft regularly but this is a daytimer......I was shocked! Didn't have a camera on me at that time of day.....thanks for listening and I hope that someone else had the opportunity to see this......

Reported 2-Jun-2015
2-Jun-2015, Sooke, BC: (9:55 pm)

I was outside my residence having a cigarette and noticed a bright red, large orb like object moving at a very fast speed move across the sky and vanish over some trees. I tried to chalk the sight out of mind and tried to relate it to an extremely fast medical helicopter. After another minute I saw an identical object moving perhaps even faster, an  impossible speed by any man driven craft, follow it directly and vanish into the same trees. I could not convince my mind to make an excuse after that.

Reported 4-Jun-2015
4-Jun-2015, Port Coquitlam, BC: (10:30 pm)

I was riding passenger on my boyfriends motorcycle at about 22:30, in a neighborhood, and I looked in the sky and said "look you can see Mars tonight, it's so bright". I then noticed it started moving and asked him to pull over right away. We both looked up and this dark orange odd shaped ball was floating up in the sky and then started moving horizontal across the sky. No flashing lights, just a glow, and at a certain point in the sky the light turned off and you could just see the object floating across the sky. We then continued to drive and then I saw another, we pulled over again and the same thing came out of the sky. We got home 2 mins later, and yet another came out of the sky. All 3 came out of the same area and moved just the same. After 30 mins, no more came out of the sky. But both of us saw all 3 and caught it on camera.

Reported 8-Jun-2015
7-Jun-2015, Burnaby, BC: (10 pm)

My girlfriend and I were on top of capital hill in north Burnaby and saw a very low hanging star above downtown Vancouver. From that bright star a slightly smaller but equally bright light emerged from the first star already in the sky. It moved much too fast and silent to be anything man made. Within a matter of minutes it had disappeared across the sky and beyond the mountains well out of our sight. More bright lights appeared before it finished moving across the sky and the moving object maneuvered between all the newly appearing lights then onward until we couldn't see it anymore. Anyone out there who doesn't believe my claim can simply look at the dozens of resembling videos on YouTube for more proof.

Reported 14-Jun-2015
14-Jun-2015, Cloverdale, BC: (7:30 pm)

My husband was outside this evening playing with our children, when our two year old looked up and said, "look daddy, a star!" It was still daytime and too bright for any stars.  My husband looked up and saw what appeared to be a star, a small white light very high in the sky, and he would have dismissed it as a star if it hadn't moved... much faster than any shooting star possibly could have.  He said it shot across the sky a ways, and stopped, sat there for 10 seconds, then shot off again towards the west and disappeared from his view.  He's sure it was not a satellite, or any type of known aircraft.  He said it seemed to be made of something reflective, and twinkled like a star but much faster, almost like it was spinning...he even got his phone out and used Google sky map to see if it was a satellite, but it wasn't shown on the app at all...can anyone tell us what it was, or if anyone else saw this??

Reported 21-Jun-2015
19-Jun-2015, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

I got a call from my wife asking me to look out into the sky. As I looked, I could see a ball of fire. In the begining I told my wife it could be a jet, but then it struck me that jets usually leave a trail of white smoke along its path. This one had a small tail and besides it looked like even the tail was in flames, not the smoke type. I had taken a picture on my cellphone, but as you know, cellphones are not good for those kind of pictures unless it is pitch black. So could barely see anything. I tried looking for any reports about it on the news, but have not seen any. I thought if I see something, it is better to keep the world informed. So this is it. Thanks.

Reported 27-Jun-2015
27-Jun-2015, Chilliwack, BC: (10 pm)

I caught my first ever sighting tonight. It was 10pm. I was sitting on my balcony and staring up at the stars. I saw what looked to be a star moving. Entranced, I watched as it grew bigger in size, looking like an even bigger star, and then curved in a half circle, moving in a completely different direction and going incredibly fast. I called my husband out just because I know he wouldn’t believe me if I'd told him about it, and he watched, startled as it kept moving, fading away and then suddenly flashing before it disappeared altogether. He said there was no way it was a satellite because of the way it moved around, and there’s no way for it to have been an aircraft because it was going way too fast and the aircrafts here have flashing lights all over.  It was very cool.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

In which direction was it travelling and at what speed (compared to an airplane for example). I am a bit of a loss trying to figure out the object’s flight path – any way you could draw it out for me and perhaps attach it in an email to us?


Witness Responds:

It was travelling from the east over Sardis and then did a 90 degree curve to the north. It was high enough to look like a satellite, but it was moving twice as fast. And then its luminosity kept fading and then flaring, as though it was spinning and catching the fading light of the sun. My husband's an engineer and thought it was a satellite at first, but then realized there was no way it could have been by its behaviour.

Reported 30-Jun-2015
29-Jun-2015, Victoria, BC: (9:40 pm)

From downtown Victoria, BC, my wife and I witnessed a white ball of fire on the horizon to the east just to the right of where Jupiter and Venus set 5 min prior. What looked to be a meteor was coming in at an impossible angle and speed. I used binoculars to further inspect the object and it appeared to be a very large spherical ball of white flames and smoke. But the smoke trail behind appeared to be engulfed with flames as well. The ball of fire moved slowly above the crest of hills north of Cowichan Lake at a 15*angle decent from the horizon. We observed this object for nearly 4min (with no debris coming from it once) until it disappeared behind the mountains. I can only guess at it's impact just off the coast of Ucuelet or Tofino.
Really curious if anyone saw this up close!

Reported 2-Jul-2015
1-Jul-2015, Port Moody, BC:

I live in Port Moody, BC. Last night was Canada Day and I was sitting on my balcony waiting for the fireworks over the water. Turns out fireworks got canceled for some reason. I had my camera setup and was messing around taking a few photos of Venus and Mars when I seen 3 saucer glowing objects (UFO's) hovering and slowly flying towards me. Here are the photos.....

I believe now..

Reported 2-Jul-2015
1-Jul-2015, Surrey, BC: (10:30 pm)

I just want to make sense of the light I saw last night (July 1, 2015 at around 10:30 pm)
We were celebrating Canada Day, in Surrey BC and it was the finale of the night – fireworks display. As everyone of the thousands of people gathered in the park watches, I noticed this bright red light to the right. It just sat there on one spot, then it turned bright green and went back to red. It moved slightly to the left towards the fireworks, sat there some more. It did not blink and was just there. I asked my boyfriend what does he think it is – he said it is a police helicopter. And I would not believe him because I see other lights blinking red and green color and were definitely moving. This one just dead stop. Then I noticed just farther ahead is another bright red light, just sitting there as well.
As soon as the fireworks display finished, this red light/object moved slowly away, forward towards the direction of the other red light. I argued with my boyfriend that it doesn’t look like a chopper but I don’t know what aerial vehicle it would be, that could perfectly hover, sit still and not blink at all. Just one solid red light. I will ask around for videos of the fireworks display, maybe someone may have captured it unknowingly. My cellphone didn’t have enough memory to take more photos/videos so the firework display I had recorded was at least 2 minutes before I noticed the red light. But I’d like to know what these lights could possibly be.  Thank you.

UFO*BC Responds:

More than likely they were Chinese lanterns – they come in all colours and shapes and are always released on Canada day (and other celebrations for that matter).

Thanks for the sighting!


Reported 2-Jul-2105
1-Jul-2015, Vancouver, BC: (10:45 pm)

I have a video of a colourful flat circular ufo that I saw downtown last night. It was flat at first when I saw it then it opened up into a ball of colours  it was going in circular motion .. Not sure what else to say. When I got home in Surrey I saw a bright ball of light but I didn't have my camera to catch it in time. The ball of light was extremely bright it looked like a small sized moon I stared at it for a few mins and the light started to dim I got nervous and came inside my house and didn't see what happened next.

Reported 6-Jul-2015
3-Jul-2015, Gambier Island, BC: (11 pm)

3 friends and I took a trip to Gambier Island this past weekend. We arrived at about 6.30 and once we set up out camp and had food we headed for the beach to watch the stars. Around 11pm all four of us noticed the starts were becoming visible. 20 minutes or so later we all noticed a distinct change in what we were seeing. There were dozens of stars beginning to flash. One star, over Bowen Island/Keats Island, shone extremely bright. There were six stars surrounding that and another 6 further out from it, as if all in a line radiating from the centre star.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and asked my friends if they were seeing the same thing. Thankfully they were. There was one star in the bottom left that was flashing blue. I asked my friends if they noticed anything that stood out about the outside ring of stars and they all commented on the blue star and the exact location.

We then saw a bright object move towards us, it looked like 2 large orange globes with a small red light flashing above it. It moved silently, very slowly. Once it was almost over head the orange lights disappeared and we heard the sound of a plane. The red flashing light remained.

We all were certain it was not a plane that was coming towards us before it seemed to change into one.

We watched the objects for another hour or so and then another orb moved towards us. This time we all took extra care to try to determine if it was a plane or not. If it was it was like no plane any of us have ever seen. Again as it got almost overhead it made a loud sound like a plane passing overhead and all but the red flashing light went off.

Shortly afterwards the moon rose above the hills to our left and the lights disappeared. We went back down the next night to see but there was nothing to see. We asked around if anyone else saw what we saw but no one we spoke to had been looking over that direction.

We went down the next night

Reported 8-Jul-2015
Mid-June-2015, Hudson's Hope, BC:

I went out for smoke, in my front yard are large rolling hill slopes, it was just before dark when the small (appeared to be very high) oval white light sped towards the top of the hill, stopped dead for about 10 seconds when I yelled to my boyfriend to come see it, I turned my head for a split second when I looked back I saw it zoom over the hills out of sight.

I have had several similar experiences in a small town called Clayton, Ontario in the Ottawa valley, white oval lights, one of which I had a witness during the big meteor shower a few years back, he swept it off as a satellite at first, soon after it stopped dead, for a few seconds, then continued to "zigzag" across the sky at amazing speed.

To be honest, its terrifies me to the core, I am glad I'm not alone in my sightings.

Reported 12-Jul-2015
12-Jul-2015, Mission, BC: (6:45 pm)

I live on Birch and have a great view of the mountains which I had missed with all this smoke. Finally I could see clouds today so I was sitting outside with my daughter and neighbor when I thought I saw birds flying so I shifted and stood up. Instead of birds I saw two individual white lights dancing in the clouds above the mountain range across the river left of Mt. Baker. My daughter also saw this which was quite a shock to her as she did not believe in this stuff as it scares her as all she has seen is fear movies...It was really unbelievable yet exhilarating at the same time.

Reported 14-Jul-2015
Early May, 2015, Port Renfrew, BC:

It began for me when I was camping alone in the forest near Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada in Early May 2015. I have always enjoyed star gazing and love it when I happen to see a satellite or a shooting star, both with very distinctive movements in that they travel in straight lines with no suggestion of intelligent control. They're predictable, in other words.

While standing on a dock in complete darkness I looked up and noticed a very bright 'star' in the sky north of me at about 45 degrees up from the horizon. After only watching it for less than a minute it became brighter as if coming toward me like a completely silent helicopter with a front facing light before it suddenly turned east and travelled at a consistent speed before the light went out.

This incident was a little odd but not jaw dropping and I've seen enough aircraft or helicopters with such lights over the years to explain it away as a turning aircraft I couldn't hear. So I continued to look up and only a matter of minutes later I saw another 'star' that was brighter than most in the western sky. There were no clouds in the sky and from where my camp was located, no sound either.

After watching it for a minute or two, the object suddenly began to slowly rise straight up. I did a bit of a head shake when it started moving, but told myself I must have been mistaken and it was a satellite and had likely been moving the entire time. Then it began else can I describe it? It started to meander up the sky like a bug wandering along on a car windshield. For about a minute or more it moved on purpose in a non-linear manner up the sky before simply disappearing into thin air.

Meteors and other objects entering earth's atmosphere have a clearly defined trajectories as do satellites. Yes, the ISS and satellites disappear behind clouds but they don't go out like a light switch, they don't stay absolutely still in the sky and they definitely don't deviate from the path they are on as if operating with some form of intelligence.

That one made me say 'huh?!' but with no physical evidence or witnesses what can I do, so I chalked it up to a one-time freaky experience. Then, while at work last week, in the end of May 2015 I saw it again, twice in the same Night!!

I was working at night at approximately 10:45 pm and was chatting with a co-worker when I looked up to see a 'star' moving diagonally from South to North across the clear sky. I made an exclamation and began to tell my coworker about the object I had seen while camping earlier in the month, when this object also began to meander in the same manner I had seen before! As I watched the object move in an intelligent way I urged my coworker to get his binoculars which he had in his car. When he did he said it looked like a red snake in the sky. I asked him to give me the binoculars so I could see it but when I reached for them and looked back, the object had simply vanished!

We were both like 'whoa' but didn't say much more about it after it disappeared. But after he had gone I happened to look up in the eastern sky directly opposite to where my coworker and I had seen the moving object to see a similar star-like object meander it's way down the sky, wobbling in the same way all the way below the horizon out of sight.

So for a second time in a month I saw the same type of star-like object meandering in the sky like no movement from any terrestrial aircraft I have ever seen. So I decided to google search terms like 'moving lights in the sky' and 'glowing orb in the sky' and 'moving stars' only to find videos of the exact thing I had seen! Exactly like stars but they move like they are alive.

Reported 15-Jul-2015
15-Jul-2015, Kamloops, BC:

Think it was a drone. Saw what I first thought to be a hang-glider. Dark shape tumbling in the air, watched it and realized it was a metallic object as the sun would shine off it as it moved. It was not saucer shaped. Why I think it was a drone, it would circle and then tumble and it repeated this tumbling as it came from north kamloops area down valley over south end of kamloops. It was weird to see a metallic shape tumbling upward with no sound. Wish I had a camera. Hope other people saw it as well.

Reported 17-Jul-2015
17-Jul-2015, Vernon, BC:

I was about to go to bed and a bright orange light caught my eye above Kelowna/ Ellison area. I live across the lake near Fintry and always see planes etc. This was a big bright orange ball that was blinking on and off flying over Ellison towards Vernon. Midnight and clear skies. Not a plane. No red or white lights. Just an orange ball lighting on and off every second.

Reported 19-Jul-2015
Spring, 1981 or 1982, Furry Creek, BC:

My husband and I were driving home from an event in Vancouver, when he suddenly pulled over at Furry Creek saying "did you see that?"  I didn't until I too, got out of our Mazda and looked up at the night sky. There was an oval cylinder just moving along in the sky, as it passed clouds you could see them in the open oval of the UFO. There was a slight hum but not much noise. I had a terrifying feeling of danger and demanded he get back in the car and get us out of there as fast as he could go. I told just my parents but no one else for a long time. About 10 years later, at work, a friend who was very interested in UFO sightings brought a book in for me to look at as it had a lot of pictures of UFO sightings. My heart nearly stopped because one of the pictures was exactly what I'd seen back in the early '80's.

Reported 26-Jul-2015
18-Aug-2014, Prince George, BC:

I was looking outside at the sky one night smoking...when I looked up when I saw 2 orbs going at the same speed....and then the 2nd one sped up and and was at least 5 miles ahead of the 1st one.....I though maybe a plane, as Prince George does receive flyovers of cargo jets....but then it shot off..