UPDATED - June 21st, 2015

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Reported 1-June-2015
1-Jun-2015, Vancouver, BC: (9:40 am)

On June 1st there was a daylight sighting @9:40 a.m. that looked like a large sausage in the direction of North/Northeast. From the ground it was about 4-5 inches in length, and had little movement like a caterpillar. It was absolutely still with the exception of a bit of undulation. There was no clouds in the sky, and a mild breeze, so it was not a balloon. About 10 seconds later a smaller round craft that was more or less in a gray haze joined up with the sausage Ufo. The sighting lasted about 15-20 seconds, then they both disappeared in a rate of speed unknown, heading towards NE, maybe Allouette Lake area.

The sausage type UFO was stationary, looking blacker than black, and there was no telling how high it was with nothing to compare it with. I reckon it was, from the ground, up about 2000 feet but like I said  they were, in a completely blue sky, above trees and wire lines. The smaller craft came in from the South East to join the bigger craft. No fusilage, no sound, no lights, just black crafts. I live in SE Van, and see craft regularly but this is a daytimer......I was shocked! Didn't have a camera on me at that time of day.....thanks for listening and I hope that someone else had the opportunity to see this......

Reported 2-Jun-2015
2-Jun-2015, Sooke, BC: (9:55 pm)

I was outside my residence having a cigarette and noticed a bright red, large orb like object moving at a very fast speed move across the sky and vanish over some trees. I tried to chalk the sight out of mind and tried to relate it to an extremely fast medical helicopter. After another minute I saw an identical object moving perhaps even faster, an  impossible speed by any man driven craft, follow it directly and vanish into the same trees. I could not convince my mind to make an excuse after that.

Reported 4-Jun-2015
4-Jun-2015, Port Coquitlam, BC: (10:30 pm)

I was riding passenger on my boyfriends motorcycle at about 22:30, in a neighborhood, and I looked in the sky and said "look you can see Mars tonight, it's so bright". I then noticed it started moving and asked him to pull over right away. We both looked up and this dark orange odd shaped ball was floating up in the sky and then started moving horizontal across the sky. No flashing lights, just a glow, and at a certain point in the sky the light turned off and you could just see the object floating across the sky. We then continued to drive and then I saw another, we pulled over again and the same thing came out of the sky. We got home 2 mins later, and yet another came out of the sky. All 3 came out of the same area and moved just the same. After 30 mins, no more came out of the sky. But both of us saw all 3 and caught it on camera.

Reported 8-Jun-2015
7-Jun-2015, Burnaby, BC: (10 pm)

My girlfriend and I were on top of capital hill in north Burnaby and saw a very low hanging star above downtown Vancouver. From that bright star a slightly smaller but equally bright light emerged from the first star already in the sky. It moved much too fast and silent to be anything man made. Within a matter of minutes it had disappeared across the sky and beyond the mountains well out of our sight. More bright lights appeared before it finished moving across the sky and the moving object maneuvered between all the newly appearing lights then onward until we couldn't see it anymore. Anyone out there who doesn't believe my claim can simply look at the dozens of resembling videos on YouTube for more proof.

Reported 14-Jun-2015
14-Jun-2015, Cloverdale, BC: (7:30 pm)

My husband was outside this evening playing with our children, when our two year old looked up and said, "look daddy, a star!" It was still daytime and too bright for any stars.  My husband looked up and saw what appeared to be a star, a small white light very high in the sky, and he would have dismissed it as a star if it hadn't moved... much faster than any shooting star possibly could have.  He said it shot across the sky a ways, and stopped, sat there for 10 seconds, then shot off again towards the west and disappeared from his view.  He's sure it was not a satellite, or any type of known aircraft.  He said it seemed to be made of something reflective, and twinkled like a star but much faster, almost like it was spinning...he even got his phone out and used Google sky map to see if it was a satellite, but it wasn't shown on the app at all...can anyone tell us what it was, or if anyone else saw this??

Reported 21-Jun-2015
19-Jun-2015, Surrey, BC: (9:30 pm)

I got a call from my wife asking me to look out into the sky. As I looked, I could see a ball of fire. In the begining I told my wife it could be a jet, but then it struck me that jets usually leave a trail of white smoke along its path. This one had a small tail and besides it looked like even the tail was in flames, not the smoke type. I had taken a picture on my cellphone, but as you know, cellphones are not good for those kind of pictures unless it is pitch black. So could barely see anything. I tried looking for any reports about it on the news, but have not seen any. I thought if I see something, it is better to keep the world informed. So this is it. Thanks.