UPDATED - April 19th, 2014

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Reported 1-March, 2014
28-Feb-2014, Vancouver, BC: (11:30 pm)

I have a video link that I shot with my iPhone. It was really strange. At first, before I started filming, there were 6 lights, moving through the sky in a V formation. Then, the one by one, seems to move farther away - and disappeared. I kept filming and more joined. Did anyone else see this?  Here's the link:

Reported 2-Mar-2014
2-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (7 pm)

My landlord was driving me home tonight and as we were talking a HUGE flash of amber light appeared over the Fraser River, only a couple hundred feet up. The entire sky lit up but a very clear orb was the source. It must have been at least the width of the river. There was no fore-warning, or any sign of anything after the fact. The weather is rainy, foggy and generally miserable, but when this flashed it was bright as day. This is the second ufo I have seen/reported since December (the first was Dec 11th, scroll up to see). Both were basically along the Fraser River. This was nothing like the first sighting I had - many times bigger. If I were to hold my arm out the object would have been 2x the size of my fist, at a 20-30 degree angle from the ground. There are no air traffic buoyies over that part of the river or any warning lights that could have burnt out. There should have been nothing there at all.

Reported 4-Mar-2014
28-Feb-2014, Vancouver, BC: (about 11:30 pm)

A friend and I were walking West along King Edward Avenue, on the North Side heading back to said friend's house we both saw what looked like 3 orange/red orbs above Queen Elizabeth Park.

Initially it seemed two of the orbs were moving and one was stationary above the other two. I would estimate the altitude was no more than 500 meters above Queen Elizabeth Park. As well, I would estimate the position of these objects to be slightly West and North of the Bloedel Floral Conservatory in QE Park when viewed from a map above.

At first we were intrigued and my Friend suggested that they could be lights on a construction crane. However, there are no construction cranes in the park. As well, I did not see any outline of any crane or other structure around or in between the orbs.

We went south along a street to get a closer look at the orbs and we were startled by a dog in somebody's yard that seemed very aggressive towards us. Perhaps it was aware of the orbs too, perhaps not. After walking closer to Nat Bailey Stadium overlooking the northern face of the park, we got a better look at the orbs.

Now only two were left, and they were orange/red or amber orbs of light, with the light being uniformly distributed along the body of the orb. I did not suspect that they were Chinese lanterns, as the light they emitted was uniform and unflickering, and one orb was stationary while the other was moving around it. As well, they made no noise as they hovered above the park.

After viewing the orbs for maybe 6 more minutes, the two orbs gradually shrunk into pinpoints and then disappeared altogether. Very strange indeed.

Reported 12-Mar-2014
8-Mar-2014, Sooke, BC: (00:28 am)

This object is in the sky in relatively the same spot on several occasions. Very large bright multi coloured "star" like object which continuously moves slowly up and down or side to side. It emits a greenish light that changes colours quite frequently. I've tried to capture the image on my phone but wasn't really successful. Have to see it to fully understand. I've showed my room mate who was too afraid to be outside after I pointed it out. Not like any star or planet I have ever seen before. Am located by the 17 mile house in Sooke bc and can see the object directly in front of me when I am looking towards Sooke direction in the horizon. Creepy as hell.

Reported 19-Mar-2014
2-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (7 pm)

I was sitting in my livingroom talking with my husband when I saw the night sky light up like it was daylight. From where my home is up high in the mountain I saw a HUGE STRIP along the horizon (could have been anywhere from the Fraser river as far as Abbotsford) but it was so bright and flashed for only a few seconds and then went back to being the night sky. My husband had his back to the window and the view was just over his shoulder or I would have missed it. I was in amazement and shock trying to describe what I had seen. It wasn't anything small - it looked like a strip of the entire horizon had lit up. I didn't see anything hovering or a UFO but I read that someone else had seen something over the fraser river.  It was so crazy to see the black sky go bright blue for that second. I'm wondering if anyone else saw anything that night.

Reported 18-Mar-2014
18-Mar-2014, Mission, BC: (10:55 pm)


I would like to report a strange orange/amber light in the sky to the north. The light was very bright and appeared to be about 100 feet above the roof tops of 7th Avenue in Mission, BC. I saw it from my back yard on 5th Avenue. The light got brighter and dimmed out until it just vanished without a trace. At first I thought it was a meteor or something and then noticed it didn't appear to be moving. I have reported the same light a few years ago. It was very strange the whole observation lasted about 2 minutes and it went from being very light to gone in the time. I heard no noise or anything that would indicate a plane or helicopter. I would suggest it was not flare as I didn't seem to drop down in an arc or move at all.

I would like to hear some explanation if you have one.

Thank you.

UFO*BC Responds:

Your observation sounds like a Chinese lantern. Are you not aware of them?
They are paper lanterns that use a candle to heat the internal air making the lantern rise.
The candle also provides illumination. The lanterns will sometimes flicker before they burn out.

These sorts of sightings are quite numerous and we frequently receive similar sightings from areas all over the lower mainland.



Reported 21-Mar-2014
Oct-2012, North Vancouver, BC:

I took these pictures in October 2012 for a pilot show (Red Widow) shot on the marina in North Vancouver where I live. I took some picture at the same time, and only on this one we can see a green light. I asked to the Director if it was a device from the show and he told me not, probably a reflect in the clouds. I will be curious to have your point of view. If you need a better quality of course I can provide it.

Thank you for your time!

Green light

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Philippe,
Given the colour of the light and the reflection pattern, I can comfortably say it is a green coloured laser being fired from the ground up to the cloud cover (notice the dot at the center and the dispersion around into the cloud).

Thank-you for the photo!


Reported 21-Mar-2014
21-Mar-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (8:15 pm)

My husband and I were driving home tonight and I noticed some blinking lights up towards the low hills in East Abbotsford. I thought it was strange because of the position as it was just to the left of the red beacon lights for the airplanes. As we continued driving, the object got closer and I got really excited. I could make out a triangular shape with a red, green and white light at each tip.

It was flying low and was about  4" inches across in  diameter.  I knew for sure it was a UFO, when I saw a plane in the background heading towards the airport travelling at a much faster speed. It put everything into perspective as to how slowly the object was travelling and how close it was to the ground. We were home in under a minute and i jumped out of the car to try to get a picture, but it was gone. Darn!!

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report!

Can you provide a bit more details for us, so that we can mentally have a picture of the event?

How high off the ground would you say the object was when you saw it? Also how far part were the lights? You mention 4 inches in diameter - I am having difficulty in understanding the meaning of that size. Do you mean the lights themselves were 4" across, or that there were 4" apart (and thus the object was the size of a bagel)?

The colours you describe are the colour requirements for lights on aircraft:

So, the obvious question: What made you think it couldn't be an aircraft given that you were near an international airport, and around the flight path of known aircraft?

I am of course playing the devil's advocate, but this type of information is essential to paint a clear picture.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Reported 23-Mar-2014
22-Mar-2014, Steveston, BC: (10:40 pm)

My husband was outside of our townhouse walking our dog. My daughter summoned me from upstairs and I could hear my husband calling for me to come quickly. My daughter told me as I was throwing on shoes that they saw 3 red/orange objects coming down from the sky.

When I got on scene these 3 objects had vanished. As my husband was explaining to me what he saw (3 red/orange round objects hovering in a triangle over about a 2 minute period) another red orange object appeared from west to east.

It looked like it was staying in one position for about 1 minute then started to have bright bursts like pulsating pattern. I caught this one on video on my phone and it was 2mins 37 seconds long before it disappeared.

We had never seen flares before but we called it into the police because we were concerned that a vessel might be in distress on the Fraser given our location.

We were patched through to the coast guard I believe (jrcc victoria) whom we spoke with and I also emailed the video along to.

It was a very clear night last night, planes overhead passed us and this object I witnessed was completely different. The operator told us that flares generally only last 45 seconds to 1 minute. Also suggested that it could be Japanese lanterns?

I was emailed back that the sightings were established not to be of a marine emergency but no confirmation if any one else had reported this either.

We later took the dog out to Garry Point and saw nothing further. Went on Google and my husband said that a sighting in 2011 in Colorado that was photographed beared an uncanny resemblance to the 3 reddish orange hovering objects> sent chills right up my spine! They also looked like the one I witnessed!

Stumbled across this site and wanted to post to see if anyone else in Richmond/Ladner area had also seen this last night.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you very much for the report.

I know it may be very difficult to answer, but how far apart were the objects to one another, and how high up were they and what sort of speed were they moving (snail's pace or jet liner fast)?

At first glance, as the coast guard seems to have ruled out the use of emergency flares (from a real emergency) it may be something as mundane as a group of Chinese lanterns. As they loose lift (due to the candle burning out) they will start of descend and in their final death throe, give bursts of light as the candle flickers and dies.

Now of course, if the speed and altitude were known, then this could rule out this (rather simple) explanation, but given the large number of such sightings we have from the Richmond/Vancouver area it does lean in that direction. Looking forward to hearing back from you!


Witness Responds:


When my husband was on the phone with "jrcc victoria" the operator asked how many fists from the ground if stacked on top of another. I used my fist and counted 5 because there was still one left when he was on the phone.

Not as high as the airplanes that passed overhead but much higher than surrounding buildings and trees, as well as lamp posts. Bright orange red distinctive colour not of any boat masts/ ships/ lampposts, etc.

Moved slower than a plane. When it came into view it seemed to stop and hover in front of us at a distance. We initially thought it must be right above the Fraser.

We are 2 blocks away from the river.

Then started to move further East, appeared to have a steady glow with a slight pulse. Disappeared after 2 mins 40 seconds. 4 in total.

The first 3 were in a triangle and one slightly moved around according to my husband. No noise at all emitting from them.

At the time I felt no fear but I did feel like it hovered within our view almost intentionally. (I feel very weird admitting that but it's the honest truth). When it appeared to the both of us it was moving at a steady pace from West to East but then stopped. Restarted at a snail's pace before it vanished Eastwardly. We were looking at the object South of us.

The post on your site from Vancouver that has a link on YouTube looked very similar to what we saw if that helps. Height about the same.

Yes it's entirely possible that they are lanterns of some kind, but my husband disagrees.

Thanks for your reply.

Reported 31-Mar-2014
21-Aug-1979, Pender Island, BC:

This happened at night about 10:30 pm my children and I went to bed and my son age 5 woke me up saying mommy make them go away. I first thought he was dreaming but he told me to look up in the sky outside the tent. I saw a very bright light there. He told me they wanted to come and get him. He was very scared. I could not hear anything but he said he could hear them. Do you think this was just a dream or could it have been real.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report - very interesting account!

Sadly, there is no definitive way of saying one way or another. As anyone with children knows, 5-year olds have amazingly vivid imaginations. However, what you describe has many elements found in typical abduction cases. Has your son (or anyone else in your family) had any other experiences since that event?  One question for you, can you describe anything about the light? Did you watch it for any length of time?

I think it is likely you will never know the answer to your question, perhaps it was an abduction (although he did not appear to be abducted) - but perhaps, it was just a vivid dream that brought on by sleeping outdoors.

I look forward to hearing back. Thank-you again for the report.


Reported 1-Apr-2014
31-Mar-2014, Kelowna, BC: (1:30 am)

I VERY saw a bright amber colored, twinkling, star, March 31, 2014  at 1:30 AM. The colors brightened around the edges, so I figured it may be an ember from a fire, though I saw no fires, nor did I smell smoke. We live on a flight path and can tell which direction planes are coming from or going to. This light appeared to be a very bright star, not the same altitude as a plane, higher. It did emit a very small red light every 30 or so seconds. There was no sound, and no other planes in view to compare it to. The light originally stayed put, as if floating in the air when I first I saw it. Thought it was the prettiest star I had ever seen. It passed by slower than a large gliding bird - in no particular hurry, heading up the lake towards Vernon - it did not appear to be going towards the Kelowna airport. Just  curious enough to ask if anyone saw this.  Thank you.

Reported 2-Apr-12014
2-Apr-2014, Kelowna, BC
: (2:30 am)

Two, what appear to be stars, shaped in the former of an anniversary ring, three tiered, with white lights with one, perhaps two red lights in the middle. The bigger one appears to be flight height, the smaller has slowly ascended, and getting harder to see. They appear to be over hwy 97 in Kelowna, just before Glenmore Drive, and after Clement. Never saw shapes like that. They certainly aren't bright enough to notice.  The smaller of the two is nearly out of eyesight.

Reported 2-Apr-2014
2-Apr-2014, Richmond, BC: (1:19 am)

Driving into my townhouse complex at 1:19 am I saw a bright white light cross in from from right to left. I was facing north so that would make the light moving from east to west in the northern sky. Though lacking clear perspective, I would estimate it's position as being over the airport, vancouver or over the northshore mountains though could have been further away depending upon size.

The light was a solid blue white, probably around 5000 kelvin. It was very distinct against the black cloudless area of sky. While moving east to west, it decended at an angle of about 20 to 30 degrees. The decent was not smooth and appeared to incorporate one or two dips while changing from oval to flat to oval and possibly flat again. IF it were saucer shaped, the best explanation would be that it was banked, then flattened out, then banked again, then possibly flattened again before it left my line of sight. The changes in bank (shape) appeared to co-incide with the dips. The size of the object would be about .1 to .15 inch at arm's length.

The time in view would amount to about 1.5 - 2.0 seconds max. My line of sight was blocked to the east by other townhouses and the latter part of the decent was also blocked as the object disappeared behind the roofs of other townhouses in the immediate distance.

Did not appear to be a meteorite although I can not rule that out. I have seen several but none like this. It was moving very slow for a meteorite yet much too fast for a plane. I have been in aviation for nearing forty years so I know absolutley it was not an airplane.

Reported 2-Apr-2014
Sept-2013, Chief Matthews Bay, BC:

I just went through my photos taken last year on a boat trip from Kitimat to Kemano and on to Chief Mathews Bay in Gardner Canal, British Columbia. The area is very remote and there was nobody around for dozens of miles. I was not aware of the UFO when I took this picture in September 2013. It is only now, in April 2014, that I 'discovered' the UFO in this image. You have to edit the image in a photo editor and zoom in on the object. It is definitely saucer shaped. I would appreciate an expert opinion on this. The coordinates of the sighting are 5į20"17"N 128į07'11"W. I have attached a photo of the UFO and a Google Earth capture of the location. I was looking upriver.

Chief Matthews Bay UFO

Chief Matthews Bay

UFO*BC Responds:

It looks like an out-of-focus bug near the camera.

As a matter of being clear, since you saw no UFO, there was no UFO. All you have is a "photographic anomaly", and one which on face value is easily explainable as a normal bug or something else like wind blown debris.


Reported 5-Apr-2014
5-Apr-2014, Roberts Creek, BC: (9:15 pm)

Was a formation of 6-8 lights, appeared above tree line but below overcast clouds. Silent, no sound. Drifted to left slightly then we ran in to tell my husband and they were gone when we ran back 30 seconds later. We both asked each other if we had seen it, I'm not afraid of going out in the dark, I walk my dog each night in it, but tonight was incredible, it WAS something unique!!

Reported 6-Apr-2014
Fall 2013, Vancouver, BC: (4:00 - 4:30 pm)

I was driving home after work one day in fall of 2013. This was about 5-6 months ago but I canít remember the date, except it was a work day (M-F). It was a very clear sunny day, but still very chilly and dry because it was fall, there was not a single cloud as far as the eye can see. I can clearly see the Vancouver Island to the WEST and Mt. Baker to the EAST. Normally if there is any cloud cover or humidity you canít see that far out, it gets blurry.

I was driving from work (Downtown) to home (Richmond), and as I was crossing the Oak St. bridge heading South at about 60-70Km/h, I noticed a single strange cloud to my EAST at a distance of about 3Km above the Knights St. bridge.  It was a large cloud looking thing but I could clearly tell that it was far away and high above. As I kept looking at this object I remember thinking itís odd that there is only 1 cloud in the entire Fraser valley and no other. I also thought it was strange shape for a cloud.

  1. It was perfectly round at the top and bottom. Most clouds are flat at the bottom and round at the top. They also are never perfectly oval; they have lumps and different shades of gray.

  2. It was dark gray in the center and lighter gray/silver towards the edge. Normally its dark at the bottom and light at the top where the sun shines on it.

  3. There was no motion, I was moving south and the object stayed relative to my movement.

Up to this point I am still thinking itís a cloud just a strange one, until something weird happened. On the left side of the object there was a shimmer of reflective light, the kind you see when metal reflects light. The shimmer started at the top left and moved down to bottom left of the object. The light reflected appeared to have the colors of the rainbow with a metallic feel. I knew it could not have been an airplane even though it was directly above the flight path, for these following reasons.

  1. Iíve seen hundreds of airplanes landing EAST to WEST in same direction. The first thing you notice is the front head light, even during the day. This object had no lights.

  2. At the same distance the object was twice the width and three times the height of a mid size (200 passenger) airplane.

  3. At this distance the planes already have the landing gear down and are visible. But NOT this object.

  4. At this distance the wing tips with engines hanging down are visible. But NOT this object.

  5. At this distance any airplane that is landing will be over my head in about 20 seconds. The object did not move at all. It took me about 2 min to drive across the bridge.

At this point I knew I was looking at something strange and had rolled down my window to get ready to take a picture. But I was already towards the end of the bridge, and as I passed couple of trees the object was gone. This happened in less than a second. At this point I knew this canít be a cloud as I have never seen a cloud dissipate in less than a second. This object was way too big to be any kind of airplane and way to perfectly round to be a cloud. Clouds have different shades and lumps, but this object was very plain looking with only 2 shades of gray, dark on inside, light on outside. Also as far as I know clouds donít reflect light in the intensity as a solid metal object does.

Below is a mock up that I made to depict what I saw. I also include an image of an actual airplane to show the size and detail comparison between the two. The image is made from a 3rd point of view, so imagine that the car behind the van on the bridge is me looking EAST in same direction. This is not a picture of Oak St. bridge, itís a similar picture I found on the internet. The smudge on the left side of the object depicts the light glimmer I saw which was very quick.

Oak Street Bridge UFO

Reported 10-Apr-2014
9-Apr-2014, Vancouver, BC: (8:45 pm)

I live close to Renfrew sky train at 15th & Slocan. Last night, I decided to walk to the store for a tasty beverage. Upon exiting my back door, I noticed two bright star-like lights in the eastern sky. They immediately caught my attention as it was not dark yet and no other stars were visible, so I thought to myself; 'What the fuck?' (pardon my french.) I stared at them for a second and could not believe my eyes as they started moving in a manner I've never seen a plane or helicopter move. One of them started descending and moving further away, much to my amazement it faded away and vanished before my eyes...WHAT THE FUCK?! I called my roommate to come look, he just missed the vanishing one, but the second one started to slowly ascend, pulsating in brightness in a seemingly random pattern. It found a position and remained stationary. We stared at it for about 10 mins, the thing just pulsating. He went in, I walked slowly to the store staring at the object the whole time. I stopped and stared at it for about 30 mins, by this time the stars were out. The object was almost indistinguishable from the stars, save for the fact that it was slightly brighter and continued pulsating. I noticed the second one (barely visible) was floating around the area, almost scanning, I would say... it would sometimes flash faintly and then fade again.... The whole time I watched these things I had an intense tingly-cold sensation all throughout my body....weird!!! That's pretty much it, I watched the stationary one for over an hour, waiting for it to do something. It didn't. The thing is you would probably never be able to tell the difference between it and a star if you didn't know.

Thanks for listening.

Reported 13-Apr-2014
11-Apr-2014, Garden Bay, BC: (about 9 pm)

On the night of April 11 my wife and I decided to have a little backyard fire and watch the stars, even though the moon was almost full you can still see a fair amount. About 9 p.m. I looked up and saw a bright light travelling from S.W. to N.E. It traversed the horizon in about 30+ sec. It was by far the brightest object in the sky other than the moon. It flew directly overhead and I paid special attention to any noise such as a plane would make and it was absolutely quiet. Where we are it is extremely quiet ( no traffic, nothing ) so to hear a plane or a motor of some sort would be easy to hear. Not having something of known size to compare it with, it is hard to say how big it was, but it did just nicely fly over Mt. Daniel which is beside our house and it is about 1500 ft. and if I held out my hand at arms length my thumb nail would just block out the light. Just before it flew over Mt. Daniel we saw another one flying from south to north on an intersecting course with the first one. We observed this one for about 3 sec. before it faded away right before our eyes. There were no clouds present to obscure it, it just faded away as it was traveling. After they were gone I went and got a camera and binoculars just in case they came back. We stayed out for a couple more hours but saw nothing more.
Hope you might have an explanation for this or know of any others seeing this.

Reported 15-Apr-2014
12-Apr-2014, Vernon, BC: (about 4:30 pm)

We were in Kal park and a large orange disk shape appeared over the lake.

Reported 15-Apr-2014
January 2014, Terrace, BC: (daytime)

1 single large disc shape sat still in the blue sky beside a hill as if it was peering around it with I think 3-4 witnesses .....    moved left slow then right then left and as it moved left it had lit up fully and disappeared.

Reported 16-Apr-2014
14-Apr-2014, Sechelt, BC: (about 10 pm)

I've seen many similar strange sightings over the last two years, viewed across the water around Sechelt, BC.  In all instances, the events included orange lights, sometimes in formation, travelling over the Strait of Georgia towards Nanaimo.

This particular sighting on April 14/14 took place between and slightly behind the Trail Islands as viewed from West Sechelt (at approximately a distance of 3km off shore), at around 10pm. 

There were six lights, travelling together in pairs at different altitudes, with the highest being approximately 300m off the water, and the other two pairs just above the water.  All were moving together at the same pace. The foremost pair of lights was white in colour, and one blinking light.  The second pair was also white lights of medium brightness, while the pair at the highest altitude were orange.  While watching the event occur, one of the top orange lights flared up to an extremely bright "fireball", and stayed at this incredible brightness for approximtely 1 minute before dimming down.

Watched these lights as they headed off across the Strait, and then they became dim and/or blinked out and disappeared.

Would love to hear more reports from people in the Sechelt area, as I am sure others have witnessed such events.  I always watch for them now, as it seems during certain times of the year the lights can be seen out on the water sometimes up to 2 times per week, ususally about an hour after dusk through to late evening on clear nights.  I have also seen them originate from behind Davis Bay / Wilson Creek area, as viewed from West Sechelt beaches.  They usually always show up as orange lights that 'flare up' as they move across the Strait or remain stationary at altitudes approximately the same as regular float plane traffic.