UPDATED - June 19th, 2016

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Reported 2-Apr-2016
1-Apr-2016, Salmon Arm, BC: (11:51 pm)

At 11:51pm thereabouts in April 1st we (4 of us) witnessed a bright yellowish light that looked like a flare travelling from the east to the south. It was brighter than anything else in the sky. It looked as though it was a very bright flare but huge and eventually started heading off to the south while trying to get pictures of it unfortunately all of our pictures look like you're bright moon because we couldn't get a Camera aperture that could take an exposure that would register it properly. We have one picture that gives a little bit of the flair to it and also had a trail behind it and it was nothing like any of us who are very avid stargazers for fun have ever seen before. Extremely strange. Over salmon arm bc.

Reported 2-Apr-2016
2-Apr-2016, Surrey, BC: (6:10 to 6:30 pm)

6:10pm- Daylight/Clear. I noticed a very bright light coming from the west, towards me (East). The bright light was extremely high in altitude. Probably around 50-60,000 thousand feet in elevation. The object was a small as a star doubled in size and was shimmering. I watched it as it got closer. It kept it's elevation approximately the same as it was in my view. The object's speed seemed at a steady pace but not fast.

6:12pm- I told my partner what I was seeing and he looked up and saw it too. I went into the house and brought out my binoculars. The object now was going left, towards the north. It then hovered. I was able to see the object fairly clearly. I saw a round shaped ring. The ring was a dark silver colour that was spinning counter clockwise very fast. Above the spinning ring looked like numerous bright gold flames of light shooting upwards. I could see spaces in-between each section of the gold lights. The inside top of the ring was a dark thin layer of black. What amazed me was the ring was spinning but the gold bright flame lights were not. Just the ring below it was spinning, while the bright gold lights were monetary in movement.

A passenger airplane then flew underneath it at it's approximately 30-35,000 feet. I then saw the two objects compared to each other and realized how large this UFO actually would be. It would be roughly the size of a stadium or football field.

6:15pm- I called our local news radio and reported it.

6:18pm- I called our local R.C.M.P. and reported it. I was then transferred to another officer to repeat what I was seeing. They seemed to be extremely interested on what was happening.

6:30pm: I videotaped the object with my cell phone and was able to get a few seconds of footage. The UFO was now traveling eastward. It then looked like it went higher and went out of view. A few seconds later, it came back into view and continued eastward for about six seconds then went out of view completely.

6:40pm I received a call from the R.C.M.P. They wanted to come over and talk more on what I had seen. They arrived within minutes and interviewed me on what I had seen. They created a file and I received a file number on the case.

Whatever this was, it was not a weather balloon, satellite or plane. The altitude was too high for any object like that to travel through. Also the pattern was too indifferent to be a regular craft that we know. Also, it was too slow to be any type of comet, specially when viewed through the binoculars, it was not asteroid material.

Reported 3-Apr-2016
3-Apr-2016, Vancouver, BC: (1:30 to 2:00 am)

I am up reading and looked out my window at 1:30 am is now 2:00am and I still see the lights in the same place....hovering over Vancouver BC.  The lights are pinkish and a very light whitish blue. They seem to pulsate and expand at times so the circle looks bigger.... At times it seems like the circle is stretched like an elastic band.  It seems closer at times and distant at others.

It is still there.  Has anyone else reported?

Reported 5-Apr-2016
4-Apr-2016, Ladner, BC: (11 pm)

Saw a bright orange orb like a fireball in the sky moving slowly over a field near the entrance to the Massey Tunnel. Stopped the car and watched it with my daughter for a few minutes, then kept our eyes on it the rest of the drive home until the road turned away. Got my husband and came back out to find it again but it had gone. Very curious!!

Reported 5-Apr-2016
1-Apr-2016, Surrey, BC: (9:00 pm)

I was looking towards the south when I saw a tear-drop shaped object travelling from the east. The rounded front was a blue colour, the middle third was a maroon colour and the tail was orange! Very strange. After a few seconds it just disappeared.

Reported 6-Apr-2016
6-Apr-2016, Surrey, BC: (12:45)

We were outside when my boyfriend noticed something in the sky, saying "What is that? It can't be a plane or helicopter." It got closer. It obviously wasn't [a plane or a helicopter]. It was way too small and low. It had a bright orange light.

Reported 6-Apr-2016
3-Apr-2016, Coquitlam, BC: (12:39 am)

On Saturday April 2 a few friends and I were at the local pub named Roose... We came outside to have a cigarette, when one of my friends says what is that!!!?!? I look up in the sky and immediately think it's a nice big shooting star because of the speed it was flying at. Then I noticed that it came under the clouds and levelled out and continued flying with a slight right turn and disappeared off in the distance. Both my friend and I looked at each other in shock when we realized we both saw the same thing. It looked like a ball of light or a big orb about the size of a 747, maybe a bit smaller, but it was hard to tell at night, but I'm judging from the distance of the clouds. Did anybody else see this?

Reported 7-Apr-2016
7-Apr-2016, Victoria, BC: (9:18 pm)

I live a few blocks away from the ocean at Dallas Road in Victoria BC, in a south-facing apartment. Me and my girlfriend were relaxing on my couch tonight, when I noticed an orange light rising into the sky in the distance. The colour alone caught my attention, seeming different from the usual airplane lights, but then we noticed another similar light following below it and then another. After a few seconds of movement, all three came to a stop and hovered for about a minute, resting in a wedge formation, then disappeared one after the other. I got the impression that there were three separate vessels as opposed to a single large craft. I got it on video with my phone, but the quality is pretty bad as my phone's camera is not good in low light conditions. Neither of us had ever seen anything like that before. 

Reported 8-Apr-2016
March 1992, between Rutland and Beacerdell, BC: (evening)

First of all this experience was so long ago the date is extremely approximate. It has bothered me for a long time and having just found this site, I was eager to share my experience.  I used to travel regularly through Rutland on hwy 33 to Rock Creek and return as part of my job. One evening while returning towards Rutland from Rock Creek I encountered something very odd along a very desolate road. Traffic was near non-existent, but at one point I saw a very intense glow of light which appeared off in the distance. It didn't appear to be airborne, but rather on the ground and covering a large area. This was a winding section of this mountainous highway so the glow would occasionally be obstructed. I believed the light was coming from an area that I believed was uninhabited. I was so perplexed and was trying to comprehend what it was as I was approaching closer to the apparent source when suddenly and without warning I lost all power in my car. The engine died and every dash light illuminated. I had just enough time to panic when the dash lights went out and then just as suddenly I was again under full power! At this point I am very concerned, still wondering what the light is coming from but also suddenly concerned for my vehicle condition. Well maintained, fairly new and no history of problems and the situation never replicated itself. Pretty freaked out at this point and no way was I going to stop and try to figure out the light source. As I passed the general area of the light I would estimate the light was possibly a kilometre or two off road in what appeared to be heavy woods although I never actually saw it, just the glow. I was now beyond the light and watched in my rear view mirror until it was no longer in my field of vision. Trying to rationalize what it was and I couldn't. Thought maybe Ski hill night skiing but drove the highway many times and never saw it before or since.

Reported 11-Apr-2016
9-Apr-2016, Cloverdale, BC: (9:50 pm)

Saturday evening at approximately 9:50 pm I saw a strange object in the sky traveling west to east. I just moved into the cloverdale area with my family and was taking a break on the front porch and saw a ball of bright white light about the size of a tictac held at a distance. It was much larger and brighter than any of the surrounding stars. It traveled west to east and vanished overhead, like just disappeared. The light didn't blink like a plane, or have a trail like something burning up in the atmosphere, it was solid and very bright. I thought it might have been the quad copter I saw 2 days prior but that had flashing red and green lights. This was nothing like that.

I've seen a lot of things in the night sky, but never something like that.

Reported 17-Apr-2016
29-Mar-2016, Langford, BC: (10:30 pm)

I took my dogs for a walk up behind my house in a dark field. I happened to look up in a south west direction and I saw what I believe was a low flying cloaked ship. The sighting only happened for about 3 seconds, it came into view on my left and then disappeared. The only thing you could see were what I believed to be the propusion system? They were  about 5-7 purple and faint pink chevrons. They appeared the be seamless and did not independently move. It was absolutley silent and moving in a east to west direction. It was about 30M off the ground and moving about 60-80 kmh.

Reported 21-Apr-2016
20-Apr-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (11:30 pm)

I noticed the very bright light about 11:30pm. I recognized it as I saw and reported it earlier this month. I live in North Vancouver. I am looking south. It moved very slowly across the the speed would be a crawl at times and almost stop. I could tell it was moving because it passed clouds. It also was closer at times and then would rise. It disappeared above the clouds for awhile. It is back again but more distant now and stationary. There is a full moon. It seems to be light pink and pale blue lights when it is closer and more like a bright white light as it moves to a higher position. It is still there now 12:40am - stationary and distant.

Reported 30-Apr-2016
29-Apr-2016, Surrey, BC: (10 pm)

I am interested to know if any other people in Surrey saw what I saw last night at approximately 10:00 pm on a southeast to northwest trajectory.

Last night (Friday, April 29th) at about 10:00 pm., I happened to look out our back window and saw 2 bright objects in the sky approaching our house at a slight angle.

I continued to watch from the window trying to understand what I was seeing. They were at the same height and basically side by side with some good but undefineable distance between them. They were very orange in color with some slight hint of red. As they approached I was wondering what they were as they made no sound and looked like 2 independent flames in the sky. They were coming as if 2 slow flying aircraft until they came to a complete stop in the sky above and slightly in front of me. Their height I could not determine, but at this point they appeared the size of nearby street lights, so they were fairly easy to see. However, their appearance was still like burning flames in the sky, and very bright. I was trying to distinguish a form within the flame and went for my binoculars. When I returned there was only one remaining in the sky in the same spot. It looked exactly the same through binoculars and was impossible to see any form within the bright fire appearance. It sat there for a while longer and then faded with a slight fragmenting appearance as the light went dark.

I have had occasion in my 68 years to see occasional ufos at some distance, and in a field outside of Edmonton, Alberta many years ago, but nothing gets your attention like 2 flaming objects stationary in the sky before you, and large enough to see that they cannot be defined.

I would love to hear back on this and particularly from anybody else who saw the same thing. I should add, that strangely, there were no visible aircraft or sounds of aircraft anywhere else in the vicinity at the time. I say this because we seem to be pretty much on a flightpath all day and night, and the sky isn’t usually devoid of aircraft or the sounds of same for very long, and I was watching them for probably about 10 minutes.

Reported 2-May-2016
30-Apr-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (9:40 pm)

My wife and I stepped out on our back deck only to see multiple silent bright glowing orange spheres moving from east to west to the south of us. The main cluster moved out of view but a few more kept coming for few more minutes. I took a couple shots on my phone and a  short video. I own a pair of image stabilizer binoculars and they looked like small bright suns with a solid glow.

Reported 4-May-2016
4-May-2016, Nanaimo, BC: (2 am)

I was on my normal route home, a route that I take almost every week night. I have to cut between two hills along a path to get from one part of town to another. Usually I ride my bike but that day I was dropped off at work by my roommate and he was asleep so I had to walk home.

I was walking up the foothill and as I came to the top I seen these two lights (steady white not blinking) going in a straight line along the horizon. I thought it was a plane at first because they kept the same distance between them. All of the sudden, as I was trying to figure out what they were... they made an abrupt under 90-degree turn at the exact same time and started travelling diagonal to the horizon. They kept on like that until they disappeared behind some clouds or trees in the distance.

It was very strange, there was no noise or eary feeling with it, just the fact they changed their travel path so quickly I knew it wasn't an airplane.

Reported 5-May-2016
5-May-2016, Prince George, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

First of all I am very far up in one of the tallest buildings in town, and I have very large windows overlooking half the city, keep this in mind.

I was laying down on the floor about to play with one of my cats when I glanced up out the window and saw something big traveling through the sky with what seemed to be a very unusual jetstream, it seemed to jump out in places like sparks, or swirling energy blots. The other thing that caught my attention, is the jet stream dissipated almost instantly and the craft could change speed at will, going from incredibly fast to slow enough to turn 60 degrees and veer nearly overhead as it went past.

I make no claims other than this as to what I saw, I have my ideas on what this was but it could have been many things so I just don't know - military test jet?/spaceship?/ufo?/cosmic beings from a higher dimension? Maybe. Confused meteor going the opposite direction? Unlikely.

Reported 7-May-2016
7-May-2016, Kelowna, BC: (1:10 am)

Me and my brothers where looking at the stars and right beside Leo a flourescent boomerang-shaped UFO went gliding by slow and clear as day. We where sceptical at first but nothing else could explain what it was.

Reported 8-May-2016
7-May-2016, Abbotsford, BC: (10:15 pm)

On Saturday night in Abbotsford I took my dog for a quick walk around the block at 10pm. As I was looking up at the stars I noticed a star which is what it looked like, but a lil brighter than usual. I then noticed it moving at a mediocre pace, then it then began moving in a strange wavey pattern, moving backwards, forwards, up and down, eventually it began staying in one spot and then began to do tiny clockwise and counter clockwise circles. I ended up watching this for an hour as it was strangely doing these maneuvers, very strange don't know what it could of been maybe something of ours in space maybe... But the distance it covered and the maneuvers it was doing in that short period of time were very strange. I called my mom and sister outside to check this werid light out and to make sure I wasn't tripping but they watched with me too and got freaked out. Lol, that was one of the weirdest things that I ever seen going on in the night sky.

Reported 14-May-2106
13-May-2016, Victoria, BC: (10:10 pm)

I was near Thetus Lake tonight when I saw a large star like object flying South West from me, at extremely fast speeds. It was bigger, and brighter then your average star, but with a similar hue to it. It looked to be flying at a height just outside of Earth. It was not as fast as a comet, but much faster then anything I know of that people can fly. I watched it fly towards me from the northeast, and it was heading to the southwest direction. This experience lasted until it flew out of my sight range, about 15-20 seconds. I wish I had my cell phone at the time, but I know it wouldn't do it near any justice compared to actually seeing it. It maintained a solid light, with no blinking. Did anyone else see this??

Reported 24-May-2016
24-May-2016, Victoria, BC: (11:00 am)

Me and my friend walk to the exterior gym in the park for a little work out suddenly I see something in the sky that was not normal. A long light ( like a neon light) brighter than anything else was glowing and started moving slowly toward east and vanished??? Usually I don\\\'t believe In that stuff but... This thing can not be from here.. It was massive. Like couple kilometer long

Reported 29-May-2016
29-May-2016, Victoria, BC: (2:20 am)

I was walking up a hill and it was parallel to the ocean and on the other side you can see the mainland. I saw a huge orange flare directly ahead of me on the horizon It was coming from the ground very wide and went very high up in the sky. Kinda like the shape of a flame from a lighter or candlestick. When I first saw it I thought a nuke just hit Seattle. It lasted for about 2-3 minutes then it kinda turned into a big giant orange moon (I am confident it wasn't the moon since it shouldn't have been in that location at that time) and then the clouds started to cover it.

I'm sure it was just a military test from the US. But I would be curious to be able to figure out what it is.

Reported 30-May-2016
Mid-Nov-2014, Parksville, BC:

I witnessed two strange consecutive phenomena late one evening (actually, early morning I think).
While sitting on my back patio having a cigarette, I noticed a very bright white light starting to travel across the sky from south to north. There were a number of strange things about this light:
1)  as it traveled across the sky, it maintained a consistent brightness from end to end
2)  it became (somewhat) v-shaped as it traveled.  i.e. the back end widened (like a contrail) as the object moved, without losing brightness or definition.
3)  the edges were (and remained) clean and well-defined
4)  the front was round and of the same brightness and definition as the rest of the trail
5)  continuing the contrail comparison, this thing was about 100 times wider (at least) than your standard jet contrail

I didn't notice it fade away, disappear, whatever; because of the second phenomena that occurred a few minutes later (5 minutes as a guesstimate).

1)  this was a bright, bright yellow light traveling west to east at treetop level. Some of it was behind the treetops, some of it above. The distance of this light from where I was sitting might have been about a city block.
2)  again, consistent brightness and clean, well-defined edges
3)  there was possibly a rumbling noise associated with this light, but that might have been street traffic from the main drag a few blocks away.
4)  here's the really weird thing about this light; it didn't dissipated.  Think of the light as being composed a zillion tiny particles. The particles didn't fade away, they randomly extinguished. Kind of a sparkle effect in reverse.

Anyhow, that's what I saw. I've been thinking about it ever since and still have no idea what is I saw.

Reported 1-Jun-2016
31-May-2016, Vancouver, BC: (around midnight)

I have a video I would love to send to you guys as well, it's about a minute long. There were about 7 or 8 orb like lights, orange/red in color hovering over the ocean over sunset beach. They were moving in strange patterns, going up and down and back and forth. They were incredibly bright and would rise up, very high and then fade out. Some would sink low and fade out. The whole event went on for about 20 minutes with various orb like objects appearing, moving around the sky in strange patterns and then fading out. Can't explain it and would love someone to take a look at the video and let me know what they think. It was truly breathtaking.

Reported 2-Jun-2016
Mid-Feb-2016, Nanaimo, BC:

Hello I was on your recently added sighting page and I came across the sighting in Victoria (7-Apr-2016, Victoria. BC: (9:18 pm)).  I have seen this ALOT lately in Nanaimo! I noticed them in mid February after I came home from work it got dark and I saw an orange light on the horizon towards the harbour it was slowly hovering north then another one appeared slowly beside it then another then they disappeared in the same fashion. I see these lights often I can distinguish the difference between planes coming in and these weird orange-yellow orb lights. One night really has me weirded out: I was staring at these lights (and this was the first night I saw them.) and I was trying to get photos on my iphone but couldn't capture the orbs in the dark from the distance I was at. But I noticed the orbs were circling the city slowly and looked like they were hovering over the town . No noise. Just hovering. It started around 9:30 and I they went out of my view about 30 mins later. I first thought they may be drones but drones are unsteady in wind and you can hear them. These were noiseless and seemed to almost float across the sky all three of them. I haven't seen them do that since February. But I periodically see them over the horizon doing their strange dance.

Reported 2-Jun-2016
2-Jun-2016, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

Was on porch notice black small single engine size airplane type aircraft but not a airplane had no sound fly from over yvr headed straight line towards surrey called my brother to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

It had no sound and flew at one speed steadily across the sky was oddest thing see so many aircrafts of different types but this was different. definitely not first time seeing odd things in the sky flying around

Reported 12-Jun-2016
11-Jun-2016, Surrey, BC: (11 pm)

I was not witness to this personally, but my wife was. Around 11 pm as she was about to retire for the evening on Saturday night, June 11, 2016, my wife observed a large spherical shaped craft with lights around the periphery of the craft, visible through the evening’s thin cloud cover as it hovered over Green Timbers forest in Surrey. She said it appeared to be massive. It moved a little, but unlike any conventional aircraft, then slowly ascended further, and further away until it was no longer visible at all. By the time she alerted me to what had happened it had disappeared altogether. We live on 101A Avenue facing west toward 149th Street and toward Green Timbers Forest. Curious to know if you had any other reports on this occurrence? FYI, my wife does not drink, and does not do any drugs, so I believed her when she told me what she saw.

UFO*BC Replies:

Good evening,

Thank-you for the report. I know the area quite well, and it is certainly an interesting sighting. Does your wife think it could have been some type of “quad copter” – however unlikely given the time of the day, there have been reports of one flying around with LEDs on it, something like this:

Would it be possible to have your wife draw us what she saw – and perhaps (time permitting) we could come and talk to you both in person?


Witness Replies:

Thanks for the reply. I showed her the video of the quad copter and she said it was nothing like that at all. She said there were no red or green coloured lights, only a slight yellow-ish green hue to them. The ring was about the size of two city buses end to end across the middle so maybe something like 80 feet across and really couldn’t see the top of the craft due to the clouds. She said she wouldn’t even attempt to draw it, because she can’t draw.

Reported 19-Jun-2016
18-Jun-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (9:30 pm to 10:00 pm)

I live in North Vancouver and from my balcony I have a view of the north shore mountains particularly around Grouse Mountain. It was cloudy and I was scanning the horizon to see if the weather was going to break. I could see the mountains under the cloud cover. Suddenly I saw two red orbs rise above the apartment building across from me. They appeared to be following a path going up the side of the mountain. They initially were in line one following the other. When they reached the top next to Grouse they changed their position and were flying side by side and started into the clouds. eventually they disappeared. As I was standing there I noticed another wave of these red lights. There were four of them this time and took the same route as the first two. They were in single file and as they approached the top of the mountain they spilt up and headed into the mountain. I had called my son to come and see what was happening. We stood there watching and tried to figure what they were. As they disappeared into the clouds another wave started up the mountain. They were following the same route as those before. The light were all uniform and were flashing intermittently. I was baffled. This was the first time I had ever witnessed this. It has made me a believer. Really don't know how to explain. Unfortunately I was unable to get photos. But my son is my witness as I am his. Wow!

UFO*BC Replies:

Hello Ron,

Do you think you are seeing Sky or Chinese Lanterns? They come is various shapes, sizes and colours and are often released in groups. Sadly they have become the de facto explanation for many lights in the sky, as they often fly "in formation" and slowly move up, often appearing motionless and then "disappear" (simply burn out). So as for a mundane explanation, on the balance of probability,  I do think this may fit the bill.

Ultimately as we did not see it, then ours is just an "educated" guess - the ultimate take-away from this encounter we will leave up to you. Here is a link: