UPDATED - Dec 31st, 2014

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Reported 1-Sep-2014
1-Sep-2014, Delta, BC
: (12:25 - 12:28 pm)

I was on my deck relaxing when I noticed in the northwest sky at about a 45 degree angle from the horizon a small stationary white object. I could tell it was stationary as the clouds were slowly moving in one direction in that area of sky but it remained stationary relative to nearby tree tops and branches. The object had blue sky behind it. It was too small for me to discern what it was. I called to my partner and she started watching it too. Total viewing time at this point was approximately one minute.

I went into the house to fetch my camera and tripod. When I came out after about one minute my partner said that she had watched it slowly move to the right (northeast) into an area of cloud making it impossible to see. We kept watching out for it for about another minute. Suddenly a white object appeared from the edge of the white cloud background travelling very fast along a horizontal trajectory. At this point it was about 3 times larger or 3 times closer if it was the same object. It crossed a 30 degree horizontal arc of the sky in about 5 seconds disappearing behind the trees! The direction of travel was to the southwest. At the time I uttered to my partner “what the hell is that?” and managed to snap two photographs. By then it was only about 30 degrees above the horizon. Unfortunately, the camera’s autofocus focused on the tree tips making the object slightly blurry.


Additional Witness Information:

Hi guys,

I think it may had been one of these that I saw and photographed:

I also attached an image. I know engineering companies use these to obtain aerial views of projects. Maybe they were taking shots of the new Highway 17 below our place as the object hovered over it for a while.

Phantom Quadcopter

Reported 2-Sep-2014

Hi.  For the past couple of months, I have been downloading a lot of pictures from Mars (usually from NASA's website). I've spent many hours studying said pictures and noting the anomalies I found (and there's a lot of them).

Last week, though, I happened to download a (rather large) photo from the Murray Space Image Centre of The Planetary Society (the seriousness of that organisation is well established).

In a jaw-dropping moment, I found, almost hidden behind a rocky formation,  what appeared to be a... person.  It rapidly became clear that I was in fact looking at an alien (of the "Grey" brand).

With great excitement and anticipation, I uploaded said picture on YouTube, then I sent an e-mail (with the photo) to the SETI organisation, to the Planetary Society, and even to Discover Magazine.  Although I sent those e-mails only recently, I find it it bothersome that up to now I have received only... silence.

I don't understand what is going on:  The picture is real; the alien on it is real (or at least seems real).  What I thought could be a sensational discovery doesn't even interest those who should be interested.   Maybe I inadvertently fell into a joke-trap, I don't know.

Please look at the photo-crop below and send me a comment.  I thank you in advance.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the email. This type of “alien” in actually quite a regular occurrence – let me explain.

What you are experiencing is visual pareidolia. Basically it is based on the fact that the human mind is hardwired to recognize faces, and with enough stimulus in the form of chaotic rock formations (or clouds, toast, or chips or anything else for that matter) we will try to “see” and recognize something therein. In this case, you are seeing a humanoid shape, where there is nothing more than rocks; just like seeing faces in the clouds, you are seeing it in rock formations.Truth be told, it does look like a humanoid figure – sadly it is no more than rocks.

Thanks again for your email!

Reported 3-Sep-2014
May 2014, Kelowna, BC:

I was walking the neighborhood around the high school area here in Kelowna I was about to head home when two individuals let me know that they had seen a ufo in the sky and I could still see it if I went into the school field. They stated that there were still other people watching. When I arrived I did not see anything until two minutes later when five large circular white/yellow lights appeared overhead in the east. The lights did not move or anything but stayed stationary and burned a hole in the clouds making a large gap appear. The lights began to move away from me growing brighter and begining to blink and pulsate. They then blinked out and disappeared.

Reported 7-Sep-2014
6-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (10:30 PM to 11:45 PM)

We noticed what looked like a star at first but noticed alternating, flickering colours of red and white light. We couldn\'t tell how far the object was away from us as it hovered in the same spot for the better part of 30 minutes before slowly moving to our right and out of view behind a building. We then walked over to the bridge near Crab Park to resume our viewing and watched again for another 20 minutes as it slowly seemed to move away from us but was still visible when we left. It was a clear night so we were able to see other stars for comparison but I was convinced from the beginning that it was neither a star, helicopter, plane, or distortion.

Reported 7-Sep-2014
7-Sep-2014, Vernon, BC:

A bit after eight I notice a large bright white light over a mountain top by a cell tower. At first I thought it was a planet, but then I realized that it was flickering. This object contained its own light, not reflecting it off of the clouds. The object then slowly moved upward, then turned off, then turned back on and slowly sunk behind the mountain. It made no sound and didn't have lights like an airplane or helicopter.

Reported 8-Sep-2014
7-Sep-2014, Nanaimo, BC: (8:30 pm and 8:40 pm)

My husband and I were sitting on our deck and a bright star like object very bright in colour and way bigger than a star caught my eye it was going across very fast heading towards parksville way we must of watched it for about 45 seconds or so it was not a plane not a shooting star it made no sound and was faster than any plane I've ever seen we were very puzzled than about 10 minutes after that the exactly same object came back towards us from parksville it turned around than made a crazy maneuver shot up turned a sharp left blinked out a couple time and completely vanished after that I was pretty shocked I've seen things in the sky pretty much since I was child but this scared me to say the least. About Two weeks ago we saw a star like object big as well blinking out three times and vanishing. Im curious if anyone else saw this phenomenon at all?? Or has a insight what it could be? Last night wad also very clear night no clouds either.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

What you are describing sounds quite a bit like a military grade jet performing night time maneuvers - only the problem is, as you mentioned, no sound. Could have been at a high enough altitude that you were unable to hear the sound from the craft? From what you are describing, you only saw a light correct? Did you ever see any structure behind the light?

Another option is something called ball lightening - I am not too sure the conditions nor the observation you made fit, but perhaps...


Reported 9-Sep-2014
9-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC:

At 1:30am I saw three separate streaks of light that appeared like they came from the ground towards the sky getting brighter and brighter but disappeared before completing the arc across the horizon.
I was on the phone as it was happening and the call I was on got scrambled and made weird noises almost like connecting to the internet with a dial up modem. Gibberish random noises, then the call dropped and I lost connection. That's it.

Reported 12-Sep-2014
12-Sep-2014, Lumby, BC: (1:00 pm)

I was driving to Vernon from Lumby with my sister to do some shopping right after we had had lunch. It was around 1 in the afternoon, broad daylight, clear blue skies and suddenly we come around a curve and there is a perfectly round, glowing, white sphere with two cone like chem trails coming from the bottom of it. I said to my sister, what is that in the sky? Is that a jet? WTF is that? She answers with "Pull the car over!!" We jump out and while I'm looking at it my sister says "Look, there are two of them!" She's pointing to the mountain and sure enough just a little higher than the mountain is another one but its farther away and looks kinda like a tiny sun. We grab our cell phones and try to take a picture. Of course then it goes a little behind a tree so then we start jogging down the road to a clearing and take some photos. We got four pictures but by then it was smaller and we can't see the same detail as we did in person.. Its very frustrating!!! I wish I had taken a picture instantly right through the windshield!! but it was such a weird thing, I have never looked for or even thought of seeing something like that in my life! It's Hollywood stuff...not going to the grocery store stuff.

Reported 14-Sep-2014
13-Sep-2014, Sooke, BC: (8:15 pm)

location:  Just about 8km before sooke near the beginning of the basin on the hwy.
date:   Sept 13
time:  8:15pm
duration of the sighting:  several seconds
behaviour of the object(s):  falling from sky but strangely....not like a firework or plane
colour of the object(s):  bright brilliant green... almost glowing
shape of the object(s): definitively round like a ball
any souds heard:  none
weather conditions:   clear
and how you lost sight of the object(s):  it went behind some trees...

would love to hear if anyone else saw this things...

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

Last night there was a meteor that was visible to the LowerMainland - and fits your description and time. It has been on the various media outlets throughout the day.

Thanks for the keen eye!!


Reported 13-Sep-2014
13-Sep-2014, White Rock, BC:

I didn't actually see it, but my dad did. He told me that he saw five orange lights about 1,000 feet in the air. They were shaped like a stereotypical UFO, and were apparently black or dark grey. They were moving at the pace an airplane would, but moved like a helicopter. He said that he could see everyone in their cars looking up at them and almost crashing, haha. I looked up some keywords of his sighting, and it actually matches this person's description:

Reported 13-Sep-2014
13-Sep-2014, Coquitlam, BC: (9:30 pm)

I was working an afternoon shift tonight till 9:00 pm at the cities animal kennel. I have to walk the dogs starting at 8:00 around a short loop just in back until all the dogs are walked. Around 8:15 I noticed a red and green flashing light above the east side of Burke Mountain. (My work has a clear view of Burke Mountain looking north.) I didn't see any thing of the light just thought it was an airplane or something.

After taking a few dogs out to do their business I noticed the light again and just kept walking but as I rounded the kennel facing south I noticed two larger red and green flashing lights and they were in a parallel line staying in one place. This is when the hair on the back of my neck started to stand. I really thought I was starting to see things but after looking at it for a minute I realized it was real. These lights were much larger and brighter than any stars and I had not seen those there earlier in the night. So I rounded back and took another dog and the lights are still there, so I go take another dog and now I only see the light that was on the left and I keep walking south and all of a sudden I see the light zig-zag horizontally but going vertically. Very fast it zig-zagged maybe 7-10 times and then shot to the right of me (west). This is where I started to "shit bricks" I really did not know of what to think of it?

Thats why I posted my story here so i could possibly get an answer!


PS, I was not high or drunk since I was working, drugs are illegal, and I'm not old enough to drink.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Thomas, thanks for your report.

As to what it could have been? Without seeing it ourselves, there is always the looming fact we just do not know. It could have been the lights from a small aircraft doing evening flying and you happened to be seeing it at various angles (coming towards you, away from you, etc) and gave the appearance of a more abrupt flight path than it actually took.

However, I cannot say anything for sure - if you see it again, let us know!


Reported 14-Sep-2014
14-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (10 pm)

I live in east vacouver - at 10 pm tonight I was walking my dog and noticed a green and red light in the sky at airplane altitude heading south. I though "boy that airplane is going fast!". Then it stopped dead. It stayed still for about five seconds then started moving east at a slower speed. Then it stopped again, hovered for a moment, and then moved north at a high speed, but at a lower altitude so that it disappeared over the mountains. The lights were quite large and bright, so whatever it was would have had to have had a substantial size. Another man on the street saw it too, but shrugged it off as being a drone. This was far too big and high up to be a drone. And it was moving FAST.

Reported 15-Sep-2014
15-Sep-2014, Vernon, BC: (8 pm)

This is not a bigfoot or ghost sighting - but a UFO! Near Kin Beach in Vernon, BC. I took my dog for a swim on the Okanagan waters. There was four of us, just playing fetch with the dog until we took interest in these 2 parallel running bright orange lights in the sky. We observed them moving simultaneously in the sky - one on top of the other. And then one turned into this black circular, opaque object looking thing and slowly started to descend. We were all wondering… Is this a sky diver in the night?! Or what the heck! The most bizarre part was when the orange light now slowly started to descend towards the mountain. It hovered at the tree line, came down the mountain and back up again, while moving quite fast. Faster than any human I know!

The orange light slowly hovered back up into the sky and then slowly diminished. Sort of like a flame going out. The other orange light I talked about initially wasn't far behind. It rose up and sort of did the same thing. The light just slowly diminished while in the sky. Weird! I don't know what else it could have been but a UFO. I have a strong feeling it was. I always wanted to spot one! And look at that!

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

A few mundane questions for you:
How high would you say the object was when moving in the sky? At what speed? I am also trying to figure out sizes - you mention a skydiver, so would you think about that size or smaller/bigger? Finally, would you mind drawing us a quick sketch of what you saw? It always helps if we can have a doodle to at least mentally picture the event.


Reported 16-Sep-2014
1-Apr-1997, Surrey, BC:

UFO details report: Evening of April 1st, 1997. I was leaving the house to go out with some friends and was out in the driveway chatting with a friend of my mothers. They were attending university at that time and she was just leaving a night of studying with my mother. She wasn't a friend of mine and I really didn't know her very well. No drugs or alcohol had been consumed by any of us that evening.

Horizon of stars were very visible in the night sky above us. We were distracted from our conversation when we noticed the stars began to 'twinkle' and 'flash' repeatedly all across the sky. I had never seen stars go from normal stars to that many flashing stars. We were looking up and across the sky trying to figure out what was causing this to happen when something came into view in the sky behind us. We were looking West and the object traveled East-to-West so it came up from behind us and overhead. There are certain details about this object which stand out very clear to me but there are also aspects of this sighting that I have a hard time remembering, almost as if I dreamed it. The two of us said to each other numerous times, "You can see this too, right?". The object was gigantic and seemed to be traveling quite low and far too slow for any aircraft I had experienced in person. It was shaped like a wide arrowhead. Not quite an isosceles triangle because the rear of the craft was curved outwards, not a distinct flat line. I do not recall any lights on this vessel whatsoever. It was really only visible by the lights in our driveway and the outline of the ship against the sky.

I do not recall any sound whatsoever coming from the vessel. I have seen commercial airliners come in to land and the sound is extremely loud from the engines, this craft had no sound and was too slow and too low for me to comprehend what I was seeing. As the vessel moved over our heads continuing West, we could make out vague details of the underside of the craft. Looked like pipes or channels. At the risk of losing any credibility, the only remotely accurate way I could describe it would be to imagine looking up at a "Star Destroyer" ship that is so iconic with Star Wars fans. (note- I myself am not even a fan of Star Wars, I had to Google the name of the ship just now.) This is what I mean when I say I could see dim channeled 'metal work' underneath when I looked up. I am by no means an expert at deciphering air speed or height of a moving craft as I have no flight knowledge. I would describe the speed and distance this way.: 1.) If I were to hold up my hand up over my face, I would still see the craft on all sides. It would not come close to fully blocking my vision of it. 2.) As for speed, it would travel the length of my hand (raised over my head and between my line of sight and the craft) in approximately 3-5 seconds. As the craft continued slowly west and was no longer overhead of our property line, the back of the craft lit up white and it flew high and north before vanishing. The only thing more astonishing with the 'slow' speed of a flying object so large and low is how lightening fast it disappeared from our sight. At the rate it was traveling, we should have been able to see it for another few minutes at least but it seemed to raise higher and vanish heading North in under 3 seconds.

Within a few moments of the object vanishing, the stars began to 'blink' slower and eventually resumed the standard stars in the night sky which could be considered normal. The two of us were at a loss for words to describe what we saw at the time, we went back into the house to tell my mother and other family members. My mother was surprised to see that her classmate was even still there (she thought she went home some 10 minutes previous). We both told the same story and were believed for the most part because we were not 'friends' who would collaborate a story for a laugh, not to mention an age gap of at least 10 years. A family member said, "Good luck getting anyone else to believe you though, it's April Fools Day."

After awhile I kept trying to make sense of what I saw and decided to call the non-emergency police line. (Seems odd to not look up online or on my phone, but it was 1997. We had internet at the time the internet wasn't really the 'go-to' place for real-time alerts and posted updates.) When the operator answered, I told her what we saw and said "You probably think this is a joke because it's April Fools Day, but it isn't a joke." She said "We've had a few hundred calls about this in the last 45 minutes so you aren't the only one." She took down my info and said someone might contact me for more info but nobody did.

Reported 21-Sep-2014
21-Sep-2014, Vancouver, BC: (9:30 am)

This morning I was looking out the window from the 21st floor of my friend's highrise building. I saw 5 or 6 sparkling objects moving from east to west in tandem. One was ahead and leading the way. They were about 1/10th of the size of an airplane and I know that because 2 or 3 airplanes and/or floatplanes passed by them. As the planes were passing these objects would hide in the clouds and then come out again when the planes would pass. I couldn't believe my eyes. I picked up a binocular and tried to look at them - they appeared as moving objects and were flashing electric rays similar to a thunder storm - from afar they looked like sparkling stars. I noticed them with white and orange flashing lights when they origunally showed up, but the lights then turned into white only.

Reported 23-Sep-2014
1999 or 2000, Surrey, BC:

I read your site when ever you update reports. Today I was reading one of your reports, Reported 16-Sep-2104 (2-Apr-1997, Surrey, BC). As I read it I was surprised to see the report mentioned star wars type of surface of the ship reported, and it reminded me of a sighting I had in 1999 or maybe 2000. I was driving to Kirtland college one morning about 8 am for a class. As I drove past a farm field on my left something told me to look and there tucked into the far back corner of the field was a spherical orb floating about ten feet off the ground. I would say the field was about forty acres so that would put me about 1/4 mile from it. It was a early fall morning and there was a little ground fog that hadn't burned off yet. The object was in front of a pine tree, the tree would be about 60 ft. and the object was about 10ft. off the ground and you could see about 10 or 15 feet of the top of the tree behind it. What caught my interest was that the sphere had piping and box shapes on its side. In fact the surface of the sphere had a textured appearance to it. The strange thing about it is, I have seen many things in my life and always been curious and study things I don't understand, but on this occasion I didn't even slow down. This is not me! I thank you for hearing me out. I have only told this story to a few people, but like I said this, report brought it back to me.

Reported 27-Sep-2014
21-Sep-2014, North Vancouver, BC: (9:05 pm)

I was looking out my living room window at the North Shore mountains at 9:05 pm. There was an orange light moving from north to south at about 1000 feet. It caught my eye because of the colour and the fact that there was no blinking nav lights or strobes as would be seen on an aircraft. The bottom of the light looked sharp, the top looked fuzzy (see pic) There was no flickering of the light like a japanese lantern, it was totally stable in intensity. It was moving faster than the planes and helicopters I usually see, taking no more than 10 seconds to travel from beside Grouse Mtn to the point where it suddenly stopped and hovered for about a minute. I grabbed my camera and got one pic before it rose straight up at an amazing speed. As it ascended it got smaller and dimmer quickly until I couldn't see it any more (3-4 seconds). As I watched it disappear I could see a disc shape at what seemed like 10,000 feet moving from east to west. It became visible at the exact spot the orange light disappeared. It was grey and just visible against the night sky. The disc seemed to be travelling at the speed of an airliner at high altitude (500 mph?) It was soon too faint to make out against the night sky. As far as size, it looked to be slightly bigger than a jumbo jet when flying at 30,000 ft.

Over the years I have seen many things in the sky including the ISS being chased by the shuttle, comet hale-bopp, helicopters with search lights on and planes of all descriptions. Never have I seen anything that looked or flew the way the orange light did.

UFO Orange Light

Reported 29-Sep-2014
After May 1980, Port Coquitlam, BC:

It was late one night. My wife and I were coming home from Burnaby. We were going over the red bridge off of Lougheed Highway on Pitt River Road. Back then it was a wooden bridge with lots of forested areas and a few clearings. As we cleared the bridge, we had to stop because there was a major line of cars stopped on the road. People were outside of their cars looking up. We stopped and got out of the car and looked up as well....

There was a MASSIVE dark object above. It must have been half the size of Port Coquitlam. It was about 100 meters above the tree line. We could see the outer edge which had windows but could not see into the windows. There were very bright white lights on the bottom of this UFO as well. It was completely silent. I would guess we stood there for 5 minutes before the object took off at a tremendous speed toward the north-east without a sound.

Everyone got into their car and left in a hurry. As we got in our car, I overheard someone mention they were going home to turn on the news because this was "earth changing" news. I got really excited and took off home. I turned on the TV thinking this was it. This was first contact.

... sadly nothing on the news. Nothing in the paper the next day. Nothing.

Looking back I wish I got the name and number of a few of the people there. Looking back (and this is really bad) we had a camera in the car and did not even think to take a photo. We were so awe struck and figured this was the end of being alone in the universe that pictures were not needed. Lesson learned.

Reported 29-Sep-2014
29-Sep-2014, Kamloops, BC: (6:16 pm)

Strange silver rod shaped object slowly ascending into the sky over Kamloops, BC. It was not a plane. Was very shiny silver colour and bright. Was definitely not an airplane shape. Headed over Kamloops past the highway towards Barriere, BC. I was on the phone to my husband and said the weirdest object in the sky is making a slow pass.

Reported 3-Oct-2014
2-Oct-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (9:30 pm)

FYI - lots of "low intensity lighted ball" traffic over Fraser Valley. I'm in Abbotsford and saw the latest last night 930 pm.  Flying northeast to southeast below aircraft about 200 feet. Might want to put some cameras up, hey ya never know.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the tip!
Can you kindly provide a better description of what they look like? Were they following the aircraft, in a similar flightpath?


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard. They seemed about the size of a truck, but from that distance tough to gage the diameter. It was ball-shaped and like a dull lightbulb, almost translucent dull orange. I have had two sightings this summer  and one yesterday. The others were exactly the same except lit up like a spotlight. All were travelling the NE to SE and vis versa. Oh ya No sound.

Not like the Helios or local planes using valley airports. Which I watch avidly from my southern facing porch. NE of Abbotsford International Airport.

I'm not a nut job (although my wife might disagree lol) but have been familiar with aircraft for most of my life growing up in a military family. These were not aircraft in the conventional term. Balls of energy would almost describe it better. Only white and the dull orange colors seen.

:-) I have also seen several light streaks that seem to be parallel to the border. ?

Hope this helps.

Reported 14-Oct-2014
14-Oct-2014, Saanich, BC:

While sitting in our hot tub watching for meteorites my girlfriend and I caught sight of a very dark coloured cylindrical object. It was moving quickly and silently at an altitude lower than passenger aircraft fly in this area. This very dark grey object appeared to have 3 evenly spaced sections which were glowing with a very dim yellowish light. As we watched. it flew under a small cloud and continued on it's north south trajectory until it faded from sight in the darkness. I would estimate it's length to be about the size of a commercial passenger plane but the body was larger in diameter. It did not have regulation lights nor did it have any visible appendages such as a tail or wings.

Reported 25-Oct-2014
23-Oct-2014, Richmond, BC:

Hi, this is Vivian from Richmond. I think i accidentally captured a picture of UFO on October 23, 2014, at 5:55pm. I wanted to capture a picture of the eclipse. However, when I looked at the picture 2 hours later , I saw a white dot that looked like an UFO. I am looking forward to clarify whether I really captured  UFO.


UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the photo, but what you have caught is known as a ‘Sun Dog’ :
Not a UFO, but certainly a nice shot!


Reported 2-Nov-2014
31-Oct-2014, Williams Lake, BC
: (8 pm)

Just after the fireworks ended about 8 pm my friend and I saw 2 lights that seemed to move together in one spot for about 2 minutes then gradually moved farther away until no longer visible. We were looking southeast from apartment building on Donald Road just above Chevron gas station. The whole event lasted about 3 minutes.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report!

What made you think it was anything out of the ordinary? For instance, could it have been 2 airplanes that appeared to be close by, but in reality were some distance away from one another?


UFO*BC Responds #2:

Given that people were setting off fireworks, it was probably Chinese lanterns.

Just my opinion.


Witness Responds:

It was not Chinese lanterns and it was not airplanes. I haven't seen lights like this before, it was the movement of them and speed with which they disappeared. I know how airplanes look in the sky and how they move. Chinese lanterns would be moving steadily away not staying in one place.

Reported 2-Nov-2014
August 1968, Vancouver, BC

Large saucer-shape with large triangular-shaped windows on top. Bottom had a smaller protusion (dome) and no window. There was symbols written and lights on outer rim. The windows were lit up brighter than the daylight. There was a slight drone noise. It had followed my fiance and I for about six city blocks, it seemed to keep the same distance and did not appear to move. When we arrived home it was at the same distance away which was close enough to see in the windows. [could not see anything] my neighbours [two] came out and witnessed it. I also called my father who also witnessed it. It hovered for at least five minutes, moved slowly at first, then it took off so fast it was like it disappeared. It is funny but only a few times has it been discussed. This all happened in the bright daylight. This was not at a distance. This thing was huge and close up. It was a grey steel color. It appeared to be about 3 city blocks long. This has bothered me for years. I
do not want people thinking I am nuts.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Dan,

Thank-you for the historical report!

With such sightings, it is always difficult for us to investigate, as the details are now a distant memory. However, is there anything else you can add to your report? I do not want to lead you in any way, so I will hold off on my questions until later.
Thanks again for the report.


PS Was there any reason/event that made you want to report it now, after all these years?

Witness Responds:

Hi Richard. It is hard to explain. One reason is I was not believed by most of those I told. My father [now deceased] was known for his honesty and would never tell someone a lie. When he told my brothers it instantly became the truth. This UFO was not at such a distance you had to guess what it was. It was in your face you could see in the windows, you could see the lights around the outside as well as writing. It was huge and it had followed us for at least six blocks. My fiancé and my neighbours as well as my Dad just stood there saying nothing for at least two minutes. It took off slow then so fast it almost disappeared. When the TV started showing UFO files on sightings it started bothering me, especially with the skeptics. I know what I saw and it was not from here. I know it was following my wife and I. There is no doubt in my mind. We were young. It never entered my mind if we were being set up for an abduction. I am not young anymore - 68 years. I know we are not alone and I believe the Government knows. I do not believe they are a threat at least not yet and if we don't do something stupid. I would welcome any questions you may have.


ps. thank you for answering.....

Witness sends drawing - see below:

Craft August 1968

Reported 9-Nov-2014
July 2001, Powell Lake, BC: (4 am)

I was on the way to work as a camp cook at Powell Daniels Logging Company. It was low light conditions, pre-dawn. I looked west up the lake and saw a large metal ball shape dull silver in color moving silently north to south. Time in view about 5 seconds  at an estimated elevation of 6000 feet. It crossed over Powell Lake from mountian range to mountian range - no contrail and no lights  seen. Side view appeared to be round at a distance of about 1mile from me. It was not a plane. Weird or what??

Reported 9-Nov-2014
7-Nov-2014, Surrey, BC (Newton area): (11:30 pm)

Witness 1: Triangle with lights on 2 sides. It was a full moon. There was no noise. About 1/10th the size of the moon. Moved along the cloudline. It was above us for about one and a half minutes, then it went into the clouds and was gone. Because of the shape and that it made no noise, I am sure this was a UFO.

Witness 2: It was november 10 and we saw it just down the street from where I live. It was triangle-shaped and had one line of lights - no sound and moving really slow. We followed it then it up and disappeared behind some houses. It was not a plane. We have a sunroof and opened it - there was no sound at all.

Reported 17-Nov-2014
25-Aug-2014, Campbell River, BC:

I was visiting my dad and mom in Campbell River and was sitting out on their back deck having a smoke when I noticed red and green lights far off in the distance that I assumed was a plane or helicopter. The lights were sitting above a known helicopter launch pad out on the spit across from Quadra Island so I didn't give it a second thought until about 10 minutes had past and it hadn't moved at all, it was hovering in the same place.

My heart began to race as I knew for sure it was not a regular plane or helicopter. I called my dad out and told him to bring the binoculars. We both began watching the red and green lights and taking note of where the moon was to better gage if it was moving at all. An hour later it was clear that the moon had moved but the lights did not, not even an inch. Within that time the lights looked to have burned out several times for about 10-15 seconds at a time only to return again as quickly as they disappeared. My dad and I concluded there was no way a known aircraft to earth could have sustained that position for so long whether for how it was hovering or the fact it would have needed to re-fuel. My father has had a couple sightings in his life the first dating back to the early 60's in the Kootneys and again a few years later in Campbell River of which he snapped a photo of it that time.  It's a grey saucer-like blurb in the photo but was taken in full daylight with a sky of pure blue. There is no explanation for that grey blurb having any earthly business in that clear summer sky.

Both my dad and I believe without a doubt we had just experienced and witnessed an object not part of this earth.

Reported 17-Nov-2014
August 1968, Vancouver, BC:

Large saucer shape with large triangular-shaped windows on top. bottem had smaller no window protruision. There were symbols written and lights on the outer rim. The windows were lit up brighter than the daylight and there was a slight droning noise. It had followed my fiance and I for about six city blocks. It seemed to keep the same distance and did not appear to move. When we arrived home it was at the same distance away which was close enough to see in the windows [could not see anything]. My neighbours [two] came out and witnessed it. I also called my father who also witnessd it. It hovered for at least five minutes then, slowly at first, then it took off so fast it was like it disappeared. It is funny but only a few times has it been discussed. this all happened in the bright daylight. This was not at a distance - this thing was huge and close up. It was a grey steel colour. It appeared to be about 3 city blocks long. This has bothered me for years. I do not want people thinking I am nuts.

UFO*BC Reports:

Thank-you for the historical report!

With such sightings, it is always difficult for us to investigate, as the details are now a distant memory. However, is there anything else you can add to your report? I do not want to lead you in any way, so I will hold off on my questions until later.

Thanks again for the report.


PS Was there any reason/event that made you want to report it now, after all
these years?

Witness Responds:

Hi Richard.

It is hard to explain. One reason is that I was not believed by most of those I told. My father [now deceased] was known for his honesty and would never tell someone a lie. When he told something to my brothers it instantly became the truth. This UFO was not at such a distance you had to guess what it was. It was in your face, you could see in the windows, you could see the lights around the outside, as well as writing. It was huge and it had followed us for at least six blocks. My fiancé and my neighbors as well as my Dad just stood there saying nothing for at least two minutes. It took off slowly then so fast it almost disappeared. When the TV started showing UFO files on sightings, it started bothering me, especially with the skeptics. I know what I saw and it was not from here. I know it was following my wife and I. There is know doubt in my mind. We were young. It never entered my mind if we were being set up for an abduction. I am not young anymore - 68yrs. I know we are not alone and I believe the Government knows. I do not believe they are a threat, at least not yet, and if we don't something stupid.

I would welcome any questions you may have.

PS - thank you for answering.....

Reported 21-Nov-2014
21-Nov-2014, Vancouver, BC (Yaletown area): (9:45 pm)

From our 17th floor Yaletown apartment, we saw a very bright orange light emerge from tree height at Aquarius Mews and ascended on a steady diagonal path, towards the West of False Creek until we lost sight as it went behind other buildings. It was a rainy and windy night, yet the light was constantly fiery orange, not flicking like a lantern nor flashing like a plane. There seemed to be a white light at the centre, a fuzzy border at the top, and made no apparent sound.

Reported 27-Nov-2014
23-Nov-2014, Agassiz, BC:

We live in Agassiz, BC. Looking east out our back window my wife and I saw what we can only consider to be a UFO. Flying low over the foothills of Mount Cheam, just east of Highway 1...a large oval-shaped object with what appeared like headlights spaced apart in a ring around the saucer. It kept slowly moving southward over the Bridal Falls area until it dropped from our view behind some trees. There are people living in that vicinty and some businesses such as the Ranchers' Restaurant and Bridal Falls golf course. It did not look like a plane or helicopter.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the report.

Very interesting sighting! Can you estimate the height of the object along with its size? Perhaps you could guess speed and direction of travel? Other than the obvious, what made you think that this couldn't be something common such as a blimp?

Do you think you could draw us a picture and perhaps email it to us?



Reported 29-Nov-2014
29-Nov-2014, Victoria, BC: (8:30 tp 9:00 pm)

Five UFOs - blue and red multi that were aligned and moved in perfect unison in the sky at a 90 degree angle - bouncing up and down like they were trying to communicate. Entire neighbourhood watching as they were put there for 30 minutes. Husband got footage.

UFO*BC Responds:

Would it be possible for you to have to the other members of your neighborhood contact us? Please just give them our email address.

Would love to see the footage - and will await your reply before we ask any further questions.


Reported 4-Dec-2104
15-May-2014 Campbell River, BC: (12 pm)

Looking north from deck of house, estimating 20 kms away at an elevation of 7000 feet, possibly over Browns Bay, I observed a bright yellow and white light for 3 minutes, not moving but pulsating. Then the object made a very rapid ascent straight up, leaving a cone trail of yellow light. The end of the tail had yellow sparks which faded out in 4 seconds. Saw no object only light - half the size of a dime. Very weird??

Reported 10-Dec-2014
August 2014, Helen Mackenzie Lake, Vancouver Island, BC: (11:00 pm)

There was roughly 10 tent pads (all full) at the Helen Mackenzie Lake. I would say roughly 17+ people in total that were there witnessing the event. We were all up there to watch the Meteor Showers up in the alpine. It was a great show going on, lots of comets with long tails. Then, after I would say an hour and a half through the show (11:00 pm-12:00am),we saw what seemed to be a giant white/orange frosted light bulb floating above the tree tops and  over the lake. It was moving oddly slow and seemed unreal that it was not dropping out of the sky. It was fairly large, DEAD QUIET, no running lights or strobe lights and moved in a wobbly, narrow zig zag pattern in a straight line. This craft, went right over all our heads and continued out of site. There were many others who witnessed this, and I even still have contact info from the people on the tent pad next to us. It was by far the closest and craziest encounter of an unknown object, I have encountered in my life.

On a side note, from the same area, I have a picture of a CLEAR daylight photo of a craft moving very fast. My friend who took it said he did not see it when he took the picture, but noticed it when he transferred it from his small camera to his computer. If there is anyway I can load a photo to this report, I will gladly post it.

I KNOW THEY ARE OUT THERE, I can not say otherwise after that incident. 

Reported 16-Dec-2014
16-Dec-2014, Nanaimo, BC: (5:53 pm)

Around 5:50pm I saw a triangle-shaped aircraft with two bright white lights hovering adjacent to the highway. At first I thought it was a small plane or helicopter until I moved closer to it and then saw it was a triangle. My car passed almost under the craft. There were hundreds of other cars near me so other people must have seen this. I was wondering if anyone else in this area has reported seeing this thing tonight.

Reported 27-Dec-2014
24-Dec-2014, Campbell River, BC: (about 6:45 pm)

Strange solid red lights in sky ( I saw 4 before running inside to get husband) moving slowly to the right and east over the ocean. 3 were in a perfect triangular formation the 4th had dropped from view by the time I got my husband outside. Slowly faded from view as they moved east.

Reported 29-Dec-2014
28-Dec-2014, Langley, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

Last night I saw a very strange sight. It was crossing over Langley from NE to SW and was like a light and orange in color. Almost a firey orange (like it was on fire). There was something white like a parachute above that kept going on and off. The speed was slow and there was no sound.  After watching for about 5 minutes it suddenly disappeared. This was definitely not an aircraft and only the orange and white colors. I would say it was several hundred feet up.

UFO*BC Responds:

I'm in the Walnut Grove area myself - I suspect it was a Chinese Lantern, as I have seen a few of these released lately around here.

They are often mistaken as something strange and abnormal:

They are large paper bags, in which the air is heated via a small candle/flame that also gives the orange colour to them.

Thanks for the report!


Reported 29-Dec-2014
Summer 1939, Vancouver, BC:

I hope one day to see one [UFO] myself. My mom saw one when she was a kid living in Vancouver in the 30s.

UFO*BC Responds:

Sadly I suspect your mother is no longer with us to recount her story, but any further details you can provide would be great! Always entertaining hearing about historical cases!



Witness Responds:

Yes sadly she passed away in Feb 1995. It took place in the summer of 1939, morning time. To my best recollection she was 15 at the time and was playing in the front yard on west 5 Avenue in Kitsilano. The yard faced south so she was looking south and in her words:

"It came out from behind the cloud and came at a fast speed toward me. It stopped above the house across the street, it looked like a tube, a metallic tube. No sound, no wings, nothing. It was a bit bigger than the house. I ran inside to get my dad and he said he did not know what it was. (He worked at Boeing Vancouver so he knew his aircraft.) Then it left straight up and was gone in a flash. This all happened in about a 3 minute time period. My dad told me not to tell anyone, so I didn’t."

Mom told me this about five years before she died and said that was the first time she had talked about it. She never mentioned it again. Even when she told me the story there was a tone in her voice that said it still scared her even though she wouldn’t admit it.


I know it is not much, but that is how she remembered it.