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Reported 3-Jan-2015
Fall of 1994, Sulphurous Lake, BC:

I was 11 years old and playing in the back yard of my childhood home, located along the north side of sulphurous lake. I remember I swung off our rope swing, landed and turned to go back up the hill. All of a sudden it was like a strange calm came over and there was no sound at all. I looked up to the tree line and I saw a huge oval shaped "UFO" it was moving east to west fairly slowly maybe 20 yards over the tree tops. The Ufo I would estimate it to be the size of a soccer field in length. I was paralyzed just in shock being that age and seeing this thing right in front of me. The craft had no visible windows or seams on it, it appeared to be seamless with no visible moving parts silver grey in colour. I saw the thing for only a few seconds it has been in my mind ever since. I went to elementary school at horse lake elementary school, I had mentioned what I saw to a few kids in my class most of them thought I was crazy or making up a story. One of the kids in my school had witnessed something that looked the same around the same time in the same area (I sent him a fb request, and plan on asking him if he remembers what he saw).

1998-1999 around Christmas time Langley BC (willowbrook mall parking lot) My father and I were just leaving the mall after some Christmas shopping, it was just getting dark out so evening time. My dad had looked up in the sky and said "wow, look at the moon" I looked up and saw a glowing ball in the sky slightly west of our location. I said to my dad "that's not the moon" the ball I'm not sure how far away but it seamed to be pretty high up, started changing colours from a grey blue to green and then orange to red, it was kind of gyrating around kind of wobbling around that one spot in the sky for maybe 20-30 seconds then the orange changed to red, the thing broke up into maybe 7-10 smaller red balls and shot off in pieces to the north so fast it was just a blur. My dad and I both shocked at what we had just seen asked some people in the parking lot if they had seen it and they just sort of looked at us as if we were crazy. The ball/orb looked to be about half the size of what the moon would look like maybe a bit larger. My dad and I were swimming at wc Blair pool in Langley a few days later, my dad was in the steam room talking about what he saw and there was a man there had seen the same thing on the same night, my dad had come calling for me in the pool to come talk with the man. The man from the pool had described the same thing as what we saw that night. I've often wondered what I saw that night trying to make sense of it. I know back in those days China beach night club had a spot light they use to use often, but I have seen that light and I know that what we saw was not a spot light.

2011 July 15 10:00 pm to midnight Chilliwack mountian 1km past chilliwack lake campground on Chilliwack mountian road. My girlfriend's sister and some of her friends were camping out at the lake for a few days, we were living in Sardis so we had gone up to visit them one one night, we stayed out there till maybe 11pm before driving back into town. When we left that night, driving back towards Chilliwack near thurston meadows we saw a light flash over the top of our car and our car radio went fuzzy for a split second. It was only a split second that we saw the light. Around that time we had seen a lot of army activities in the area. I had witnessed on more than one occasion army personnel on that road and up in those mountains with armoured vehicles and these guys were packing some heavy weapons with them. My girlfriend and I were talking to our friend in Chilliwack the next day, we figured that they were up to something out there, so we decided to go out to the mountain that night. We had posted up alongside the mountain road laying down blankets and looking up. It was a clear night with not a cloud in the sky. We sat there for some time not seeing much a couple of satellites passed by, that was about it.

My friend looked up and spotted the first one, it looked about the size of a star and about the same brightness as an average star, not as big and bright as a satellite. The ball moved north to south then spun around in a circle a couple of times and headed east, it would travel 30-45 degrees across the sky spinning in a couple circles and then take off in a right angle to its last trajectory sometimes speeding up and then slowing down. Then another one of these balls came into view and another one and so on. We counted at least five different balls in the sky at the same time that night and the three of us had watched them fly around the sky for two hours. Mostly flying the same way as the first one, going in one direction then spinning a couple circles and turning at a right angle, but not always the same. I had seen one going across the sky almost like it was a bouncy ball bouncing along an imaginary line in the sky. All of these balls were very high in the sky. They would go fast and then slow down then speed up again, it was almost as if they were playing a game or in battle or something. We were all freaking out saying "What the heck is that? What are those things?" after about two hours they had all disappeared. My friend and I both tried to take pics but I only had my old razor phone and he had his old Nokia flip phone, the balls were too far away to get a pic without a good quality camera. We had returned to the same area the next night with my girlfriends whole family and didn't see anything. I have no explanation for what we saw that night.

Reported 6-Jan-2015
24-Dec-2014, Kaslo, BC:

Hello. I was wanting to contact you because I caught a picture of 4 possible UFO's drifting over Kaslo. This photo was taken on my smartphone. I put a filter on the 2nd one to better show you the lights we saw that night.

So the story is, I was sitting at a stop sign with my friend in his truck and as I looked out the passenger window I saw a glare of reddish light. I thought it might have been a street lamp but when I looked for the source I realized it was in the sky. My friend gave out a nervous "woah" as we jumped out of the truck. Heads looking up in the sky I counted 5 UFOs that had a red glow like a lantern yet big and bright. It was easy to pick out in the clear sky that night. As we observed the UFOs they seem to move very slowly almost drifting through the sky. After was seemed like 10 seconds the lights swooped into more of a line to the right of us over the mountain. We stepped back into the truck not actually sure what we saw. I decided it was good old Santa visiting us on Christmas Eve. In all seriousness though has anyone seen lights like red Chinese lanterns in the sky that are definitely UFO?

4 ufo over Kaslo

4 ufos over Kaslo

Reported 13-Jan-2015
13-Jan-2015, Vancouver, BC: (7:10 am)

I saw six oval-shaped objects that appeard to drop out of the moon in the southwest sky. Each sped off in a northwest direction. The first appeared red. The second was darker and appeared to have a yelowish trail behind it. The next few appeared as dark ovals, but almost looked more triangular in shape as they sped away to the northwest. The first two ovals appeared to travel along the same line. The next few darker triangular shapes traveled in the same direction, but on slightly different paths.

I honestly don't know what I saw, at first I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but I was awake and lucid, outside having a cigarette and staring up towards the moon - there was a break in the fog, and I saw what I've described above!!

Reported 14-Jan-2015
14-Jan-2015, Tsawwassen, BC: (7 - 7:30 pm)

As I was driving south along 56 street in Tsawwassen I noticed two small orbs of light directly beside each other in the sky. The orb on the left did a clockwise circle around the orb on the right and at the 9 o'clock mark flew off at a steady speed, blinking every second as it did so. Both lights faded from sight.

Reported 20-Jan-2015
20-Jan-2015, Victoria, BC: (6:30 am)

Early 6:30ish this morning I saw a very bright light in the NW sky - roughly above the West Shore of greater Victoria.  It struck me because it wasn't a round star-like light but an elongated one. It looked to my naked eye like it was flashing red and blue lights. It was totally stationary. I grabbed my little opera glasses and was able to zoom in on it. It showed one very bright center light with four dimmer ones, two on each side for five lights altogether. It is  twenty to eight and the light is still there though dimmer because of dawn and light cloud cover - ten minutes ago I could still count five lights.

I would think that the five lights with the center one (Venus perhaps) so bright that the other two on each side were a refraction of the center and caused by light of dawn over the horizon -  or some such explanation.  However, the five lights never wavered even with changing sky dawning and cloud. The lights were steady as a rock for the entire hour that I watched. I didn't have a camera I'm sorry to say, but if you draw five circles along one horizontal line with the center being very, very bright, you will have it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank you for the sighting report.

The brightest object you saw would not have been Venus, as it is always close to our sun. If it was visible early in the morning, it would have to be in the southeast sky. However, if you think the objects might have been celestial, there is a simple indicator that you may have noticed. Due to the earth's rotation, celestial objects such as stars and planets would have rotated about 15 degrees in the hour that you watched (rotation roughly centered around Polaris in the northern sky). Objects in the west would have rotated closer to the horizon and objects in the east would have rotated further from the horizon. Did you notice if the lights were closer to the horizon after the hour that you watched?


Reported 31-Jan-2015
18-July-2014, Aldergrove, BC: (between 9:30 and 11:00)

I was laying on my couch with windows open, lights and tv low. I noticed bright red neon lights that were horizontal to my living room window (it faces east). I didn't even sit up halfway and I said "Holy S***", because I knew that I couldn't understand what I was seeing. The red neon beams were of different lengths. Four to eighty feet long. They attached to a great ball of  immense light it was fuzzy where they joined. My 17-year-old came out from the washroom thinking I had stubbed my toe. When she came down the hall she saw me staring out the window, still not even sitting upright. She had her iphone in hand and I remember her saying I gotta take a picture of this. I then got up and walked to the window to get a better look. The trees across the street were glowing red and the red neon beams came out from all directions. It was hovering out my living room window less than 100 feet away and lower than the telephone pole behind it. The pole has three transformers on it. There was no noise only a vibration like an "ohm" could be felt in waves. I was mesmerized and I couldn't take my eyes off of this light. There seemed to be movement somehow inside the light. The glow of red dimmed as did the brightness. The red neon beams that seemed to be 8inches around had a flat solid end and I watched them retract into the light ball. The light ball was the size of a cube van. It was a windy night with some cloud cover but no rain. It dimmed and shrank until it flashed a dim yellow amber than shrunk. I remember seeing a flash of a silvery metal capusule, then it blinked from the band around the center, moved 20-30 feet east and disappeared in front of us.

The next day it seemed that my memory was showing my mind things that I do not remember happening, such as not even looking at the object out the window but knowing it was there. My daughter never got a picture as she was also too mesmerized. I did canvass neighbors on the following day but couldn't find anyone other than my daughter and I that witnessed.

Within a week later I also saw three large orange lights that were in a triangle formation. They were also east out my window. The lights were also witnessed by my daughter. They blinked out one at a time without moving. They were the size of a dime held at arm's length.

I was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Has there been any other sightings around that time? I have also since found out that Corina Saebels had reported missing time and a sighting. We live in the same community and I'm just blocks away from where the film footage of her story was taken. Is this a strange coincidence?

Reported 2-Feb-2015

I see your site says both paranormal and UFO - this could be one or the other. I have no idea and I'm hoping in fact this is simply a human thing with an explanation but so far no luck.

I am severely rattled.

OK - Jan 30 starting around 9:30 p.m. there is lots and lots of racket like thumps and movement and so on outside that I can hear on this rural acreage (and I have heard noises like this in the past but would ignore them because I am alone here). Where I am is very rural and isolated and dark at night. So much noise that night on Jan 31  that 5 times I turn down the TV remote - but  the noise then does seem to stop. I don't go look because it is dead dark and Im alone here and scared to look. Back to TV and again the noise  - from outside I am sure ( not the TV). At 10:30 I go into kitchen for a glass of water - look out the window and almost  have a heart attack. Why? because there is a vehicle driving off this property on the driveway which is about 10 metres from window. I CLEARLY SEE THE OUTLINE OF A VEHICLE AND THE RED TAIL LIGHTS REALLY REALLY BRGHT. No big deal but read on. I assume someone is here and perhaps stealing as there is farm equipment here. I call my sister as she owns this property. Then I take a flash light and go to front porch and shine it and here is when I get really freaked - we have a huge metal gate always padlocked and there it is still pad locked. I expected to see an open gate. And In fact I recall returning home earlier in the day and locking the gate as usual. How could the vehicle have gone through the gate? To add to this there were vehicle noises I heard throughout all of this.

On Jan 31 same scenario except the other way around - time is 9 p.m. a vehicles come to gate and drives in - except gate is locked. I call my sister and she comes right away - this is her property. She arrives and goes to the back of the property to see if vehicle is there - no vehicle. As well in both cases she looked for tire tracks and the only ones there were mine and only foot prints in mud were mine. She is adamant there is no other access (like from behind the property) to get onto this land. And even if there were, how can a vehicle drive through a gate. Because this is a vehicle it is creepy to me -- although nothing has happened to me except fright. What the hell is this? This may sound funny to an outsider but believe me when you are here alone this is not funny because it is so bizarre.

I have never heard of something like this............ I am a devout follower of Christ and I am not lying.

My sister was taken when she was 15 but never me I believe. Is this paranormal or a UFO in disguise or something else - if so why in disguise as a vehicle - why????



ps - I am kind of frightened but I refuse to leave here as have to face my fear. But any advice - I would be grateful. Again I know this is kind of funny. But not to me.

UFO*BC Responds:

Hi Anne,

First, please do not be scared – there is no reason to be.

As to what the lights may be, it could simply be that the distance you thought you saw the car was not the actual distance. As you said it was dark, at night and you were already on edge – it is very normal to misjudge distances and the like when one is under duress in less than ideal weather conditions. The fact that you did not find any tire tracks (good on you for searching) then it is likely nothing.

Realistically if it is indeed something else, if they possess the technology to levitate the car, why would they bother using roads? Or be stopped by a wooden door if they wanted in the house. Of course we were not there, but what makes sense and seems the most reasonable is that a car came up to the driveway, tried to gain access (hence the noise) and took off when you went outside (or shortly before) and you saw it leave the gate.

My suggestions if it happens again, have a large flashlight/spotlight (can be purchased for less than $20 at Canadian Tire or WalMart) at the ready and jump out and see what you think you’re seeing. Either way, good luck and if you think there is someone stealing your property, you can always call the police they will be more than happy to come out to make sure you’re ok.

Let us know what transpires!


Reported 3-Feb-2015
Mid 1990's, Kelowna, BC: (around 4 pm)

I am not exactly sure of the date, I could find out from the building that I was working on.

I was coming home from work at the RBC in Westbank heading north towards Kelowna on HWY97 in the Mount Boucherie Road area. It was in the fall so the Sun was low in the sky, it was also fairly clear weather. On the horizon to the north of Kelowna I saw an amazing light streak across the sky parallel with the horizon. The best way I can describe it is white and with a multi colour effect changing colour as it traveled. It was going at an amazing rate of speed right across the visible horizon. I have seen many meteorites and falling stars, this was different it went parallel with the horizon and did not burn out. I was also an Air Cadet  and have an interest in Aviation, I know how different aircraft look at speed including fighters, nothing is as fast as what I saw. The area it flew from was (this is a guess) from the Beaver Lake area of Winfield west towards the coast. I asked a co employee who was behind me in traffic the next day if he saw anything. He kind of gave me a funny look and told me what he sa, it was the same thing. I can not explain what we saw, but I thought I would share it with you.

Reported 9-Feb-2015
8-Feb-2015, Invermere, BC: (12:30 am)

Leaving a friends house at 12:30 AM on Feb 08, 2015, I witnessed something I cannot explain and after analyzing and processing it mentally, I can only conclude I saw a UFO. I live in the BC Rockies near Invermere. The night was partly cloudy and weather was mild. As I was walking towards my vehicle I saw a streak of green, at its head appeared to be a cylindrical or flattened oval object. We live in a flight path area between Vancouver and Calgary and I am used to seeing all manner of man made objects passing overhead. This object was travelling at an incredible rate of speed. I have never seen anything so fast before. It emitted a glow of green unlike any green I have seen in nature, almost neon, and due to the speed left a light trail behind it. It was low enough to penetrate the clouds. There was absolutely no sound. No sonic boom. I have seen meteors and it was not like any meteor I have ever seen. At the speed it was travelling I would estimate that its flight over the Rockies from my location to the prairies would have been a matter of a few seconds. It was travelling West to East. Unfortunately the event was over in a blink of an eye so no photo opportunity.

UFO*BC Responds:

From what your description is providing, I would say you guessed correctly what you saw: A green meteor, similar to this one:

Of course, with that being said, there was the 50's Project Twinkle that studied apparent Green Fireballs that were unexplained.

So our guess is as good as yours :)

Great sighting thanks for the report!


Reported 15-Feb-2015

My name is "Ruth" and I just need to tell someone who won't think I am insane. I am 35 years old and these events took place from the time I was very little: 1980s to 1996. I was not alone for all of them either. I grew up in XXXX and XXXX on Vancouver Island. When I was quite young my grandfather had a stroke and lived in the hospital. Every night my grandmother would take me or my sister to the hospital to visit him around 8pm. On one night just as we had pulled up to the hospital we saw this weird almost oval reddish light with a smaller black oval in its center. My grandmother said not to get out of the car. I had this feeling in my head and my stomach, almost like extreme nervousness and terror. I couldn't stop looking. It was there for a few seconds and then gone. We sat in the car for quite awhile until my grandmother felt it was safe to get out. It didn't seem like anyone else noticed or was afraid. On the drive back we saw it in the sky again. It was about a forty minute drive home, that night it was almost midnight before we made it home. I remember because my parents were mad at how late we were and how I needed to be in bed.

When I was around nine we were living on XXXX Avenue, near XXX High School. It was the early evening and my sister was on the couch reading, I can't remember where anyone else was but I was in my room changing and the next thing I remember was getting that same feeling again. Next thing I know my sister was waking me up telling me I must have fallen asleep and she was laughing at me because my arms were over my head and my sweatshirt was halfway off with my head covered by the middle. She said I had been in my room for two hours when she came to check on me.

We moved several years later to XXXX Road near XXX Lake. The summer of 1995 my dad was in the backyard watering and he called me out on the deck. In the sky was what I can only describe as a flying saucer. It felt like seconds but when we both came to it was way later. The sun was in a different location and my dad was standing in a couple inches of water. We went inside shaken. My dad will still talk to me about that as it was traumatic. I opened up to my husband about this and he looks at me funny now. My dad told him what happened all those years ago and it didn't matter. I am not crazy.


Reported 18-Feb-2015
17-Feb-2015, Abbotsford, BC: (9 pm)

Spotted an orange light heading west in the sky. Appeared for about 15 seconds, stopped twice and then disappeared. Wondering if anyone else saw it?

Reported 19-Feb-2015
19-Feb-2015, Tagish Lake, Yukon: (8:15 pm)

3 orange lights going up like a roman candle in slow motion one after the other and then lining up in diagonal straight line. They then stayed in that configuration until one by one disappearing. As I was going back to the house I saw one more that stayed in the same spot and then also disappeared. 815 pm Thursday night  feb19

Has any one else reported this sighting?

Reported 22-Feb-2015
21-Feb-2015, Vancouver, BC: (7:20 pm - 7:25 pm)

I was out for a walk around Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver on Saturday evening. I was looking up into the sky since it was clear with a sliver moon off in the western sky. Having studied astronomy at university, and being somewhat familiar with the night sky, I started to scan the sky as I walked east in the park along Cornwall Avenue. I noticed Orion's belt in the southern sky, and then shifted my gaze to the Eastern sky to see what planet I might see in the ecliptic plane. Then I noticed two bright yellowish colored lights in parallel to one another, the one on the left being discerningly brighter than the one on the right. At first I just assumed they were the wing tip lights of an airliner either coming into Vancouver from overseas, or departing, as they sometimes do in that part of the sky. But then I noticed that these lights weren't tracing the kind of trajectory one would expect to see if that were the case. Then one of the lights, the one on the left, looked like it began to 'descend' or come toward me somewhat. That's when it occurred to me that I might not be looking at any airplane. It was simply moving too slow to stay airborne. Then while my focus of attention was on this light, I noticed that from its bottom it spewed what appeared to be a shower of gold-yellow sparklers. After this happened, it then ascended rapidly, and appeared to be getting smaller, and the second light off to the south did so as well, until they disappeared entirely. About a minute later, the light on the right re-appeared for a short time, perhaps half a minute, but then it simply vanished. I wasn't frightened in any way, only fascinated, and sort of wished they came closer so I might get a better look. It's the first time in my life when I can honestly say that I've seen a UFO. And for the record, I had not consumed any alcohol or any other mind altering substance at that time, nor do I generally speaking either.

Reported 23-Feb-2015
23-Feb-2015, Langley, BC: (5:45 pm)

My mom, my daughter and I were driving south on 232 street toward 28 avenue and we saw a disc-like object in the sky gliding north, it was in the sky in the west. The object we saw was luminescent, glowing a gold color. I quickly pulled over and snapped some pictures with my I phone and the object moved behind the tree and it was difficult to see after that.

Reported 24-Feb-2015
May 2014, Surrey, BC:

A few tears ago I reported what I thought were strange lights, but after a little more investigating, I was satisfied what I saw was simply jets coming into YVR. My point in saying this, is it is easy to be fooled; clouds moving against the dark sky make bright planets appear like they are moving.

Anyhow my curiosity remains. Since then I have seen a lot of stuff I can't explain. One in particular was around the end of may 2014, about 2 am. 2 nights in a row I saw a bright orange light similar to a jet at a distance, but this was closer, guessing 2-3 miles away. A solid light,very bright, no beacons, moving steady from west to east, about 1000-1500 feet in elevation, maybe moving about 150 mph. Rough guessing, as my dad and brother were both pilots, and I flew a lot with them when I was younger. What struck me about these lights is they were stone quiet eerily silent, and they seemed to just float through the sky. I am in the flight path to YVR, and I take note in detail when a plane passes over as to the size, the speed, the noise, the lights, altitude,and there is no mistaking, maybe a china lantern? I somehow doubt it. The frustrating part is all I could see was the light, no structure, although I am sure that there was some. I saw it come towards me from the west, I watched it head east towards Cloverdale, north of 64th, south of Fraser hwy and west of 152 Street. It was high enough to dart in and out of low cloud. I dont take this stuff too lightly and I'm not going to report every thing I see.

That was the 3rd and 4th time I haveseen these things, a single object each time. I know others have seen similar stuff in my neighborhood. That's all for now as this is getting too long.

Thank you for your time.

Reported 26-Feb-2015
Response to seeing red and green lights:

I've been reading a lot of the BC sightings which have been very fun and interesting to read about. I definitely believe that there is life outside of earth and that some must be able to visit us.  I just wanted to say on the sightings page for BC there were about three of them listing smaller crafts with red and green lights. I think what people are seeing are drones.  A lot of them have red and green lights. 
Thanks so much for having these sites!

Reported 28-Feb-2015
28-Feb-2015, Mission/Silverdale, BC:

I was out on the flats right next to the Fraser river between Mission and Silverdale BC. An airstream/jet stream caught my eye. It was strange because it was dark outside and this seemed unusual. The stream traveled south to north over the Fraser river and went up into the sky at a high angle. I could make out a small red object creating this stream disappearing into the sky. I watched it until it was completely out of view. I then examined the stream itself and noticed 2 90 degree turns in the stream. North to east then quickly back east to north. I knew this was very unusual and grabbed my cellphone and started filming... at least I thought I did. In my excitement I was paused when I thought I was recording. While this was happening I noticed what looked like a large reddish satellite. It was really moving fast traveling east to west. I witnessed this object eject a second very small red object out the back that stayed in place. I witnessed the actual separation I could see ejection. This is when I noticed my camera was on pause not record and I quickly put it to record and gave the camera the run down. As I was leaving about 10 min after the separation event I noticed a lot of planes converging on the area. This may be regular air traffic or not but the whole experience was very strange.

I have since looked back at the footage and like I thought you cannot see the Jet stream in the dark but it was visible to the eye.

Reporting in the hope that someone else witnessed this event. It got me to report.

Reported 28-Feb-2015
28-Feb-2015, Maple Ridge, BC: (9 pm)

Three bright orange lights in triangle in sky. Called to wife and son to come look and we watched them disappear one after the other. The sighting duration was about 20-30 seconds.

Reported 1-Mar-2015
28-Feb-2015, Victoria, BC: (10:30 pm)

My cousin, friend, and I were outside having a smoke just in a complex off of Lampson Street beside Head Street and my cousin looked up at the moon and said, "Look at the UFO!" When my friend and I looked up we saw what looked like a bright orangeish round orb-like flying object and right away from looking at it we knew it wasn't a plane, helicopter or satellite as weve seen them and it was nothing like that. It was going east/southeastern and was traveling faster than I've seen in a while as I have seen them the last year and a half maybe around 10 times and I'd say this one was going far faster then anything human made. After about 3 minutes I ran inside to grab the rest of our friends and all 6 of us watched it in an almost shocked state. I'm just posting this to see if anyone else in the Victoria, BC area saw the same thing. It was 10:30 pm Feb 28 th.

Reported 11-Mar-2015
15-Feb-2015, Vancouver, BC: (5:55 pm)

At about 5:55 pm on Sunday evening, February 15, 2015, under dark blue sky, sun almost set, 2 friends were visiting my 7th floor high rise on Barclay Street which faces north towards Coal Harbour. One of my friends noticed a strange object floating quite still, just above the roofs of the high-rise apartments across the street. I often see satellites, helicopters, or float planes from the Harbour heading to Victoria and back, but this thing just hovered, no noise, perfectly still. I went and grabbed my binoculars, my pal checked them out first, passed them back to me, and then I passed them to our third friend. We were stunned!!!  What we saw was almost the cliche of a flying saucer, round with a smooth dome rising off the surface at both the top and the bottom, 5 or 6 white, red, and green lights around the diameter of the object, lightly flickering, dull grey, smooth metallic finish over the whole object. We were at first confused if it was quite small and close up or larger and a bit further away, but upon closer inspection it seemed to be really large and maybe a few blocks back, floating over Alberni and Gilford. I went to grab my camera and was trying to get it together, but by the time I located it thru the lens finder, it almost seemed to recognize that it had been spotted and drew back silently, evenly, and without sound. We couldn't see where it went behind the obstructing apartments. We checked the computer, it was 5:59, we were all shocked, couldn't believe it, questioned what else it could possibly be, a drone maybe? But it seemed to be at least about 20 feet in diameter. We were absolutely in disbelief when at 6:05, 5 minutes later, it re-appeared in exactly the same spot, once again I fumbled for my camera, and it vanished backwards within seconds, no sound. We called non-emergency 911 to report it in case anyone else had also reported it, they actually took us very seriously, then I tried the planetarium that evening and on several recent occasions since, but they are very difficult to reach but will try again today.

I do consider myself to have an open mind but I'm a bit of a cynic as well, so let me tell you, I would probably have doubted it if someone else described what I saw, but this was real as day. I had 2 witnesses who also saw it, and we could clearly see it thru the binoculars.  VERY strange...

Reported 20-Mar-2015
13-Mar-2015, Surrey, BC: (6:45 - 6:50 pm)

I was sitting outside on our deck on the top roof of our condo on a clear Friday night before 7pm in Surrey, BC. I had been outside for about 10 minutes when my husband went inside. For two minutes I sat smoking a cigarette and was looking up to the West at the Pleaides and then a dark object , darker or Blacker than the night sky at dusk with no "obvious lights" except a orange/red dull glow barely visible (as if on top of the craft) went by, no sound, no sonic boom-it traveled south east and quickly moved accross the sky before disappearing. I couldn't believe it when I saw it-I said outloud to my self-"I see you". It was high but how??? its shape was like a flying "V" guitar except longer and narrower. It seem to come out of nowhere and disappear as it crossed the sky past Orion to the brightest star due south and then seemed to vanish. For about 4 seconds I had visability.

I live at the Surrey/Delta border and regularly have jets and planes in various stages of assent and decent and am very familiar with the lights/sounds/streaming smoke/engines etc-this was fairly large with a definite narrowed V shape-no lights (except) a glow (reflection) from the top; no sound at all-still night ; black and moved very quickly, soundlessly before disappearing. Faster than any plane or helicopter-it was obviously something very different. No smoke/no sound -I thought drone perhaps???