UPDATED - Feb 9th, 2016

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Reported 1-Dec-2015
2012, Surrey, BC: (2 am)

Was riding my bike home when I looked up into the sky next to the store and saw a ufo that was bigger than at least 5 football fields and was low to the ground where you could see the metal parts of the ufo  and could tell it was real it was slowly hovering over the store then moving away from the store. This happend at exactly 2 am in the morning so no one was around, not even cars.

Reported 9-Dec-2015
27-May-2013, Vancouver, BC:

I was at work on marine dr by oak st goin to mc donalds to breky. looked towards north saw a short streak of fire no smoke fire streak shortened turned in to fire ball and before it went behind tree line it turned to a hazy black ball it wasn't really fast it was in my sight maybe 50 seconds.

Reported 9-Dec-2015
22-Jun-2014, Castlegar, BC: (afternoon)

My partner was laying on the grass and called me, he directed my attention overhead. We watched an elongated, spherical, 'silver' object pass over us, quite high up. Later I went on Youtube and found that someone in Russia had captured a video of it from an airplane.

Reported 10-Dec-2015
26-Nov-2015, Vancouver, BC:

We were at the intersection on 12th and Grandview Hwy in Vancouver BC. My husband and I were sitting at the intersection and my husband noticed a rectangle shaped object move across the North Shore Mountain's, once I saw the object I took pictures of it. I managed to get 3 or 4 images from the car window, I pulled my camera lens in as far as I could... My husband and I watched it the entire length of the traffic light...

Reported 13-Dec-2015
19-Nov-2015, Nanaimo, BC:

I was one of those people from outside woodgrove mall that witnessed the 3 ufos. I was with my husband at the parking lot and watched and recorded thru my husband's phone as my iphone was lowbatt. So,we decided to stay there for over 45mins and there were tons of people in the parking lot watching too, asking "What's that?" Some called the police and an officer recorded it too on his cell. Someone asked the policeman and the policeman just said it was a kite. I knew what I saw and have seen them too before and even in my dreams. When i started seeing ufo's I kept telling my husband about it. He said he believes but he wanted to see in his own 2 eyes..then we saw it together, he now believes that indeed ufo is real. I have so many experience..if u wanna ask more...feel free to email me back! Thanks.

Reported 25-Dec-2015
25-Dec-2015, Port Moody, BC: (about 8:30 pm)

We are standing outside when we saw 4 bright orange/red round lights (for lack of a better word) in the sky. They moved very quickly across the sky and then went up and disappeared. Then there were 2 more that came and then 1, and then 2 again all moving very quickly across the sky and going up and disappearing (a total of 10). We took pictures of them and they are very round and did not have any flares on the end. There was no sound whatsoever, only the orange/red circular lights going across the sky.

Reported 27-Dec-2015
26-Nov-2015, Vancouver, BC: (1:45 pm)

We were driving into Vancouver and caught the red light at 12th street and Grandview Hwy, when my husband caught something moving against the North shore Mountains. When he showed the object to me I got my camera out and was able to snap 3 images. The object moved west east and then up. The object appeared solid and was rectangular in shape. Of course we couldn't sit and observe it as the light had changed. We tried to chase it down 12th street for more pictures but the buildings were in the way and I lost sight of it.

Reported 2-Jan-2016
31-Dec-2015, Boundary Bay, BC:

While going to the kitchen I noticed two very bright lights which appeared to be at the northeast end of Mud Bay. While watching them the light on the west moved east past the other light. They appeared to be level with each other.  I then left but returned a few minutes later and while watching, the western most light split into two and while the original light remained in the same position it's brightness decreased while the one that split off from it matched the reduced brightness. It headed west still moving at the same apparent altitude. The strangest thing was the original two never came closer, or moved further away, they never went higher or lower and all three maintained the same apparent altitude.  Any answers as to what I saw?

Reported 8-Jan-2016
10-May-2015, Kamloops, BC: (10:30 am)

My wife was having a shower and called me to come see this star like light in the sky through the sky light in the bathroom. When I looked up through the sky light I too saw this brilliant light but now a second light moved into view. I quickly went outside to see better and was amazed to see four lights slowly moving across the sky in sync forming shapes as they moved across the sky. They would be flat in a line then form a triangle then a rectangle then back to flat line. I wanted to record what I was seeing so grabbed our Canon digital camera but could not get an image. At this point my neighbor came over curious to see what I was looking at. My wife, out of the shower, came out as well to see what the lights were. The lights were hard to pick out unless you knew they were there but once pointing them out, my neighbor was shocked. He is a true non believer but stood there mouth agape. Then we saw two more coming in from the southeast, the first four came from the west northwest. This is when we knew this was not natural because when the two joined the other four they formed a large "C" in the sky and remained still for several minutes. We were in awe and my neighbor asked me if it was aliens. I told him to believe what he saw. Not sure how long they stayed there but would guess five minutes and then the two from the southeast went back in the direction they came in a more southerly direction.The four left NNW doing shapes again.

Reported 10-Jan-2016
10-Jan-2016, Gibsons, BC: (7:30 pm)

I was outside having a smoke actually admiring the clear dark sky, facing west. There was a bright light blink, then dark for maybe 10 seconds then another blink. I waited about 30 seconds and then another light blink but it had moved slightly south, another blink and then another 30 seconds and it blinked again just slightly below where I had first seen it. If you could have connected the blinks they formed a triangle. There was no sound. Now I am not sure if there was only one and it was moving or if there were 3 in different spots. The light flash was not normal, nothing i have ever seen before. I wish i could have caught it on camera!

Reported 10-Jan-2016
30-Dec-2015, North Vancouver, BC: (1:30 pm)

Was working in West Vancouver, British Properties, and saw something coming up from behind Grouse Mountain. It went up and stopped, hovering above Grouse Mountain, then started going up again. As I followed it I noticed 4 more flying objects way up in the sky. They looked like stars but it was daytime and they were moving. Started out as a checkmark formation then broke formation. I then focused on the first ufo, watching it flying up towards the other ones. Then noticed more showing up (or maybe they were there but out of sight) with the others higher up. I was in awe while observing this. When the first one got to the height of the others (a total of 8 now) they all started going higher up till I couldnt see them anymore. Somebody else had to have seen at least the first one. It was fairly large and flying/hovering over Grouse Mountain in broad daylight.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the report.

What you describe sounds exactly what is commonly called "Chinese Lanterns" or "Sky Lanterns". They come in various shapes, sizes and colours and are often released in groups. Sadly they have become the de facto explanation for many lights in the sky, as they often fly "in formation" and slowly move up and then "disappear" (simply burn out). Given how close the date was to New Year's eve, I suspect that is the more likely explanation for your report.


Reported 23-Jan-2016
23-Jan-2016, Nanaimo, BC: (9:00 pm)

My son looked out the window and spotted a bright orange light in the sky, then another one followed and he called me to have a look. My husband and I looked out the window and then went outside to look and they kept coming. We counted six bright orange lights following each other. There was no noise and they appeared to stop in the sky and move slowly and went higher up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. I ran in to get my camera and my battery was dead, but my son managed to capture a bit of a video. There had to be someone else either out side or driving in a car that spotted these strange lights flying over Nanaimo. We have never seen anything like this before.

Reported 31-Jan-2016
23-Jan-2016, Nanaimo, BC: (8:55 - 9:05 pm)

On the evening of January 23 2016 at about 8:55 - 9:05 pm during a break, my partner and I went outside and, after a moment, we noticed some orange/red lights in the sky, 2 at first, then 3, then 4. We noted up to 7 lights all following each other. The lights were solid. They did not blink. They did not produce any noise. They followed in a strange pattern towards us and then curved south and went straight up until we could no longer see them. I noted weather conditions,  compass settings and got a full 3 minutes of video of the lights.

I have map, video and further details if need be. To the previous poster of the same sighting, you are not alone, we did see the same thing over Departure Bay at the same time on the same night.

UFO*BC Responds:

As my partner Richard mentioned in a previous post, the Nanaimo sightings on Jan 23 match the description of "Chinese Lanterns", or "Sky Lanterns" perfectly - a consistent orange colour, drifting slowly, following one another, then going up and disappearing. They each have their own small lift provided by their candle, but otherwise just drift with the breeze.

To make matters even more complicated, there are reports of people flying kites in Nanaimo with lights attached, with the direct intent of confusing people.


Reported 1-Feb-2016
31-Jan-2016, White Rock, BC: (8:30 pm)

Good morning, my husband and me, we absolutely saw the same lights in the same pattern yesterday evening around 8:30 pm, as described by the man from Nanaimo. We live along Semiahmoo Bay in White Rock and they were right in front of our house, very close. They were all together 7 or 8 orange lights. We've already had a sighting of 3 at the end of December. Yesterday we just looked out of the window, we opened it and we've heard nothing, no noise.

Reported 5-Feb-2016
5-Feb-2016, Burnaby, BC: (9:50 pm)

I saw very intense bright blue crown of lights over the north east mountain looking east over the north shore mountains. I am looking north in Burnaby. The blue light came up 3 times it was crown-shaped and then white light streaks were in the blue. It lasted about 2 or 3 seconds and it was over so it was a very interesting experience for me, maybe someone else saw this also!

Reported 8-Feb-2016
8-Feb-2016, Victoria, BC: (8:30 pm)

I Was driving towards downtown Victoria from Oak Bay. Was waiting at the traffic light at the Oak Bay Ave, Fort St and Pandora junction. Saw a very bright light in the sky heading east, towards Fairfield. I assumed that it was a plane, but the light was not flashing. I then thought that it must be a helicopter with it's spot light on. When the light passed, it was soon followed by another light, same hue, size and distance in the sky. Then a third followed. When the traffic light went green, I drove down Fort Street, turned left on Belmont and followed the lights. I could see all three in the distance. I ended up taking a wrong turn and lost them around the Government House on Rockland. They couldn't have been helicopter spotlights because the light was solid from all angles. The light was also too bright for an airplane - and again, the light was solid. Airplane lights tend to flash.

I thought possibly the lights could have been the afterburner glow of three military jet aircraft, however the lights were traveling much slower than a typical jet, especially if they had the afterburners on.  Very strange if you ask me....